Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Chicago Auditions

Let me say that this is the best audition ever,because Shania Twain is so spot on,her critique to every contestants are useful and not jibberish. She has the best selling album for a female singer ever and she's fantastic on the judging panel. Can she replace Ellen,please??

Here's my assessment of the contestants today:

- Katelyn Epperly (I think she got potential too,very good voice,unique,not like Duffy since I don't like Duffy and other British female singers that's been dominating the music channel lately).
- Charity Vance (very different,unique,one of a kind voice. I hope she can go through to the Top 24)
- Angela Martin (the best contestant today for me,I LOVE her!!!!She can be the black diva contender this year)
- John Park (generic Korean voice,very good for people who like it but I'm not a fan of that kind of voice. He's cute though and they should pick him for the Top 24,there hasn't been a strong male Asian contender since forever)
- Paige Dechausse (once again,there's something in her voice that stand out from the rest. A mix of genre,I like her)
- Keith Sample (his voice=Bryan Adams!!LOL)

And please stop with the reject auditioners,it ruins the whole show for me. And WTH with Brian Krause. He's so weird. Please Idol,more good audition,less bad audition.

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