Wednesday, January 13, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Premiere (Boston Audition)

Yay,American Idol is back. My favourite tv show ever. Boston audition is good overall,Posh is okay and I love her accent. Kara's getting more confident after 1 year training.

The contestants that I love from this audition are:

- Katie Stevens (love her At Last rendition,her voice is so beautiful. This is the type of singer which gets my support)
- Justin Williams (he's very good,he was in White Chocolate Group last year (Kris Allen and Matt Giraud were in that group))
- Tyler Grady has unique voice I think,he could do pretty well if he enters Top 24. Although,not exactly my favorite.
- Leah Laurenti isn't bad too. I love her audition. Could be my favorite in the future.
- Bosa Mora has beautiful tone in his voice and heartfelt audition. I hope he'll do well in Hollywood round.
- Luke Shaffer is good too. I love his harmonization with 2 other guys in the waiting room.
- Joshua Blaylock. He looks way younger than his age. I like him,definitely likable. His voice is very standard though.

For the rejects:
Pat Ford with his Womanizer is seriously funny. LOL. He has unlimited energy for sure!!

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