Thursday, October 27, 2011

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Girls Eliminations

OMG I'm shaking!! Wondering who's Simon gonna cut!! I screamed when Simon eliminated both of his personal favorites. Yay for Melanie!!!!

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Melanie Amaro - I Have Nothing

The song is cliche and predictable. She almost oversings. But I'm still a fan of her. Simon needs to pick the perfect song for her.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Tiah Tolliver - Sweet Dreams

Weird performance. I don't know what to make of it. Doesn't look like a singing performance to me. More like a freak horror show or something.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Drew Ryniewicz - What A Feeling

Holy shit!! This is the best performance of the night!! I'm blown away!! So amazing!! She still slays me even when I had big expectation of her.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Rachel Crow - Where Did Our Love Go/Baby

What's up with the songs? She looks like being forced to do it. Her worst performance to date.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Simone Battle - Just Be Good To Me

What a trainwreck!! This is worse than Dexter's performance. The song is atrocious,the dancer are useless,Simone looks like a slut!! Total disaster!! LOL at LA hating on Simone!! I don't understand why Simon picked this song for her. Sabotage??

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Over 30's Eliminations

Yippie!! Dexter is out!! Bye bye!!

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Josh Krajcik - Forever Young

Awesome subtle performance,but somehow I got bored in the middle. Maybe the song.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Stacy Francis - One More Try

LOL at the judges bickering and the time limit. I'm just massively disappointed over the song choice. Could be better.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Leroy Bell - Nobody Knows

I'm having a goosebumps watching his performance. Big improvement. Paula agrees with me,I saw a bit of Michael Bolton in him.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Dexter Haygood - I Kissed A Girl/Womanizer

Urgh please eliminate him!! I can't stand it!!!

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Groups Eliminations

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm gonna miss The Brewer Boys. They have such great potential. Sigh. At least all the groups improved their performances.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Lakoda Rayne - C'mon Irene

I love the song,makes me even enjoy this performance. Urgh looks like they gonna cut The Brewer Boys after watching this performance.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: InTENsity - The Clapping Song/Footloose

Very good and entertaining performance!! I'm really enjoying this. I hope to see more from them in the upcoming weeks. They're my guilty pleasures. Leona is a great singer!!

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: The Brewer Boys - Rich Girl/Faith

Hmm it's just okay for me. I expected more from them.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: The Stereo Hogzz - Try A Little Tenderness

Wowwwww!! I'm impressed!! I love this performance so much. They give such a fresh version for this song.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Boys Eliminations

Urgh Phillip is a cannon fodder indeed. LA Reid was the one who picked the song for him. Darn it!! I thought for a moment he gonna let Phillip through because he's a jazz singer. The rest are either R&B or rap contestants.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Marcus Canty - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

Great vocal,although I'm on the fence on the song. Looks like it will be between Phillip or Chris on the chopping block.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Phillip Lomax - I'm Not A Believer

Is LA Reid sabotaging Phillip? The song is a dreck. Mediocre performance. Urgh.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances: Chris Rene - Love Don't Live Here Anymore

It was such a letdown after Astro's performance. It's just blah. It's going nowhere. LOL at Paula's "genuine artfulness". I miss Paula's crazy quotes.

X Factor US Top 17 Performances : Astro (aka Brian Bradley) - Jump

Pretty entertaining. I'm surprised. Although it will be hard for me to judge a rap contestant in the weeks ahead.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lauren Alaina Performed Georgia Peaches on Ellen Degeneres Show

Great pick for the 2nd single!! I love this song!! Congratz for her being the best debut for female country artist since 2006.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (SHOCKER)

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! I can't believe what I see right now!! Melanie is in??? YAYYYYYYY!!!! All is right in the world!! I'm so ecstatic right now and in hyper flailing mode!!!! It's the Top 17,y'all!! I love how good each of them looks on that last promo for next week!!

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Melanie Amaro or Rachel Crow)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I still upset although I knew the spoiler. I hate it that the music industry doesn't care about big voice singer.

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Stacey Francis or Elaine Gibbs)

Elaine had no chance defeating the chosen one Stacey. I hope I don't see the last of Elaine. I love her!! I would say ROBBED!!! Because Dexter went through over Elaine.

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (The Anser or The Stereo Hogzz)

We'll see what Paula can do for them in the live show.

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Tim Cifers or Marcus Canty)

His mom nearly destroyed his destiny with that 2 years limit. Good for him!!

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Caitlin Koch or Tiah Tolliver)

Shit!!! I don't see what Simon saw in Tiah!! Many people were very upset because Caitlin didn't go through to the live show.

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Lakoda Rayne or InTENsity)

Lakoda Rayne need to work out on their vocal harmony. I thought InTENsity got shafted when Paula said yes to Lakoda. It turned out,they both got through. Yay!!! I love InTENsity!!! They will be my guilty pleasure!!

ps: I loved S Club Juniors songs back in the day. No wonder I like InTENsity.

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Chris Rene)

Oh God!! Can't they stop using the Coldplay song "Fix You"!!! It will be interesting to see what he can do on the live show. He's one of the bottom contestant on my list though.

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Leroy Bell or Tiger Budbill)

I'm so happy for Leroy although he's not my cup of tea. I hope Tiger can find other source of income to support his family.

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Jazzlyn Little)

Sigh. She should audition for American Idol. Or maybe she should wait a year to improve on her self confidence. She will surely become a star someday.

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Brennin Hunt or Nick Voss or Phillip Lomax or Skyelor Anderson)

Skyelor got no chance. Thanks God,Nick Voss didn't get through. I hate his voice. Although I wish the best for his journey. Brennin Hunt should go through. Phillip Lomax should be an interesting addition in the heavily R&B contestants pool.

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Brian Bradley)

This kid really doesn't have a single cell of nervous in his body,does he??

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (4shored)

Too bad for them!! Practice more guys!!

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (The Brewer Boys)

C'mon Illusion Confusion doesn't have chance in hell. I feel bad for 2Squared. I'm so excited for The Brewer Boys. I loved them since the audition round. Yay!! Can't wait!!

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Christa Collins or Dexter Haygood or James Kenney)

Trainwreck waiting to happen on the live show!! Seriously anticipating the worst!!

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Josh Krajcik)

I hope he will impress me in the live show and not falter.

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Drew Ryniewicz)

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG the spoiler is wrong. Yayyyyy!!!!

X Factor US: Top 16 Revealed (Simone Battle or Tora Woloshin)

Don't care about either one.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

X Factor US Judges House - Melanie Amaro - Will You Be There

Why this song?? At least she can still delivers. I hope she gets through.

X Factor US Judges House - Chris Rene - People Everyday

Did they auto-tunes him?? Wow so blatant!!

X Factor US Judges House - InTENsity - That's Not My Name/You Make My Dreams

Wow I'm loving this way more than I expected. That Asian girl can SING!!! They blow the other groups by a miles!!

X Factor US Judges House - Christa Collins - No Surprises

Hmmm. I didn't feel anything at all from her. Maybe because of the song choice.

X Factor US Judges House - Tiah Tolliver - No Diggity

The weakest performance in the girls category!!

X Factor US Judges House - Marcus Canty - All My Life

Pretty good!! He did this song justice. I really loved this song back in the day. Btw why they used that footage of Rihanna saying she's not convinced for the 2nd times??

X Factor US Judges House - Tiger Budbill - Don't Give Up On Me

Great effort,not sure about the song. With the right song,he could really blow me away.

X Factor US Judges House - Leroy Bell - To Make You Feel My Love

Decent performance. Probably not my cup of tea. Everytime I watch his performance,I feel more empathy for his journey so far than being impressed with his talent.

X Factor US Judges House - Rachel Crow - I Want It That Way

Way too somber for me!! Although I'm ecstatic over the song choice. I want it that way!!!!

X Factor US Judges House - Tim Cifers - Dance With My Father

Just okay!! A bit underwhelming to me.

X Factor US Judges House - 2Squared - Bohemian Rhapsody

Very good performance also. Is the girl with the red hair the lead singer of this group?

X Factor US Judges House - Josh Krajcik - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

What?? He has daughter??? He's 30 and yet he has 13 years old daughter. Wow!!!
Holy shit!! This performance gives me a goosebumps. One of the best!!

X Factor US Judges House - The Stereo Hogzz - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

I really hate that grapevine song!!! Hated it!! They did pretty good version of that song,and they're very likable in this video.

X Factor US Judges House - Brennin Hunt - Like A Star

He wants to be bigger than Lady Gaga?? Way over confident for that. I admit his falsetto is his best weapon. Some of his mannerism is a bit much for me.

X Factor US Judges House - Jazzlyn Little - I Will Survive

Wow this is very impressive version of I Will Survive!! Ouch at that Sevan words about high school talent show.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

X Factor US Judges House - Drew Ryniewicz - It Must Have Been Love

Stellar performance!! Made me cry!! I'm surprised that she can make this cliche song sounds like a brand new. She has to make it to the live show or I'm gonna cut a bitch.

X Factor US Judges House - James Kenney - Russian Roulette

How the heck he still have time for family when he works for 5 jobs?? I don't see this guy making it to the live show. Looks like a cannonfodder.

X Factor US Judges House - 4shore - If You Love Me

Too boyband-ish!! Boys II Men are billion times better than them.

X Factor US Judges House - Nick Voss - Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Weird!! Creepy!! Terrible!! Like watching a serial killer serenade you in front of your house.

X Factor US Judges House - Caitlin Koch - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Pretty good!! Better than James Durbin's version.

X Factor US Judges House - Elaine Gibbs - Stop Crying Your Eyes Out

Amazing!! Black diva FTW!! I'm certain she's going to impress me if she makes it to the live show.

X Factor US Judges House - Phillip Lomax - Don't Stop The Music

Is he copying Jamie Cullum's version?? I'm still waiting for him to impress me since I've yet to see a strong male jazz contestant in a singing show.

X Factor US Judges House - The Brewer Boys - Only Girl In The World

The backing track sounds to weird to me. It's way too processed in this performance. I think their take on that song is somewhat okay for me.

X Factor US Judges House - Lakoda Rayne - Born This Way (Country Version)

I still see some awkward choreography but I think they gell very well for a new group. I wonder if Paige Ogle will regret her decision to not follow her heart someday.

X Factor US Judges House - Tora Woloshin - Satisfaction

It still baffles me when I see some contestants either from Idol or any show don't know a famous song. How the heck they didn't know that song??? They're the ones who want to be a singer. They should know a massive amount of songs,especially if it's famous. Plus,the lyric of this song is not that hard to memorize,it's the same lines over and over again being repeated.

X Factor US Judges House - Skyelor Anderson - Nobody Knows

I think he's authentic!! He still needs to practice few more years in order to reach the same level with everyone else.

X Factor US Judges House - Dexter Haygood - Crazy In Love

What a fucking trainwreck!! Enrique looked scared!! LOL I hope he doesn't get through to the live show. I can't stand watching his awful performance again and again. Although I feel so bad for his tough life so far.

X Factor US Judges House - The Anser - Perfect

Nice harmony in some parts but there are pitchy spots too. While watching their footage,I'm constantly wondering whether they're gay or not. Since they talked about being not a Mormon,etc. Hmmm.

X Factor US Judges House - Simone Battle - Help

Her best performance yet but I wasn't feeling it. The dress is very revealing!!

X Factor US Judges House - Brian Bradley

This kid really got so much confidence although he's still 14!! I'm curious too whether the viewers will vote for a rapper contestant.

Friday, October 14, 2011

X Factor US Judges House: Quick Review

Since I just found out that X Factor didn't get aired in US last night due to some baseball game. Yet it was aired in Canada. Amazingly,this is the first time that I watched it first ahead of my peeps from US. LOL that's a first!! Here's my quick review:

- The Over 30's must have been disappointed that they got Nicole as their mentor.
- I feel bad for the girls that they didn't get Mariah Carey. Sad!!
- Brian Bradley did a good job singing that song. Prodigy indeed!!
- Simone Battle sang it beautifully. But it's just okay for me.
- The Anser performed their best performance yet.
- Dexter Haygood is just a trainwreck!! LOL at Enrique's scared face. Probably he thought: WTH they let this trainwreck through!!
- Skyelor sang fairly well. He still looks too amateurish to me.
- Why Simon saddled Tori with that song?? I'm shocked that she didn't know this song. The lyrics isn't that hard to memorize,you know!!
- Lakoda Rayne performed a decent country version of Lady Gaga's Born This Way. It's pretty interesting version.
- Stacey Francis blew the rooftop with her vocal.
- The Brewer Boys looked awkward without their instrument. That song sounded weird to me. I hope they make it through to the next round.
- Phillip Lomax did a good job singing jazz version of that Rihanna song. Although he screamed that song in some parts.
- Elaine Gibbs is excellent singer!! I want to see more from her.
- Caitlin Koch still maintains her consistency.
- Nick Voss creeps me more. I feel serial killer aura from him,always!! His voice scares me!!
- Dunno why 4shore sang that song and used that choreography. Too 90's boyband for me. I dunno if it will be commercial for today's music market. Although me personally,I love boyband.
- James Kenney is okay.
- Drew Ryniewicz just blew me away. Watching her performance made me cry. The best performance of the night. Simply stunning!!! Very unique tone of her voice!!

X Factor US Judges House: Stacey Francis - Purple Rain

Amazing!! Although she is massively pimped,she still gets me with her performance.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

X Factor US: My Favorites From the Top 32

Melanie Amaro
Elaine Gibbs
The Brewer Boys
Drew Ryniewicz
Caitlin Koch
Josh Krajcik
Jazzyln Little
Ausem + Nick Dean
Brennin Hunt

X Factor US: Which Judges Got Which Group??

LOL at Nicole. She will pick awful song choice for the over 30's. Paula got tough group. Simon got the group that he wanted. Something is fishy. Maybe he rigged the decision.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Top 32 - Additional Groups

Yay for Nick Dean and Ausem!!

X Factor US Boot Camp: Top 32 - Over 30's

Yay for Elaine Gibbs. Dexter Haygood will irritate me so much if he makes it to live show.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Top 32 - Boys

Brennin Hunt is the most tolerable for me from this bunch. Brian will annoy me. Skyelor got no chance in hell. Chris Rene is not my cup of tea.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Top 32 - Girls

Why they didn't show Melanie Amaro as much as the others?? She's my number 1 favorite.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Caitlin Koch - Cry Me A River

Very good!! I love her soft tone.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Drew Ryniewicz

Fantastic performance!! She's climbing up my list of favorite contestants.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Stacey Francis - Summertime

She's the most pimped contestant in this show!! Thanks God,at least she could deliver this performance well.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Phillip Lomax - Summertime

Still can't get over his singing style. His mouth's movement is weird.

X Factor US Boot Camp: The Stereo Hogzz - Cry Me A River

Still billion times better than 4shore.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Brennin Hunt - If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys

Urgh this song been overdone billion times. I HATE HATE HATE this song!! So sick by it!! Brennin did a fresh version of this song. But if I were Simon,I would be bored by so many different arrangement over so many songs from so many contestants.

ps: it looks like they heavily edited Brennin's footage,he said on Twitter that it wasn't like that when he sang.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Simone Battle - Your Song by Elton John

At first I was curious wanting to know in which direction she gonna take the song. Then she sang it into some twilight dimension. The lyrics sounded like made up at whim. Trainwreck!!

X Factor US Boot Camp: Josh Krajcik - Up To The Mountain by Patty Griffin

It's not a Kelly Clarkson song!! He's probably the strongest contender on the male side.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Tiger Budbill - Billie Jean

He improved so much since his audition performance. Great job,Tiger!!

X Factor US Boot Camp: Rachel Crow - If I Were A Boy

She got the confidence!! Still too obnoxious for my taste.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Group (The Brewer Boys,Emma Henry,etc) Perform Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

The Brewer Boys still impressive. Emma Henry looked way stoned. Urgh at the rest.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Group (Kingston,Tim Cifers,etc) Perform I Won't Let Go by Rascal Flatts

Pretty good performance from each of them. This song made me choke up.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Group (Brennin Hunt,Chris Rene,Marcus Canty,etc) Perform What's Going On by Marvin Gaye

I'm so sick of this song. Please banned it!! The end of the performance was so all over the place. It's worse than group performance on result show on Idol.

Friday, October 07, 2011

X Factor US Boot Camp: Group 8 Perform Run by Snow Patrol

Did Leona Lewis also sing this song?? I'm amazed that they still put Siameze through this round. LOL at the name Song Preservation Society. Makenna & Brock still look cute. Emily Michalak should grow up and wait until she passed through high school.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Group 7 Perform I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston

Why the hell they picked this song for this group?? Are they intentionally threw everyone beside Rachel under the bus? Rachel is okay. Dunno why the judges obsessed over her.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Group 6 Perform Feeling Good

Phillip Lomax is okay,he's an okay jazz singer based on my observation since the audition. Dunno what they see in Nick Vozz,he's too creepy for me. His voice is like a dead zombie's voice. Although I must say he got charisma. Tiah Tolliver slayed it!!

X Factor US Boot Camp: Group 4 Perform Wishing On A Star by Jay Z and Group 5 Perform Superman by Five For Fighting

Brian Bradley is so arrogant. I'm glad Reina Williams outrapped him. Yay!! So she's the one who said hi to me on Twitter. Pretty cool female rapper!!

I feel sorry for Nick Dean. Josh Krajcik knocked the song out of the park. I'm blown away!!

X Factor US Boot Camp: Group 3 Perform Desperado by The Eagles

Paige Ogle's accent is weird for me. Leroy Bell sang with soul!! Skyelor Anderson blew it,I think he forgot his lyrics. Cari Fletcher and Dani Knight are forgettable!!

X Factor US Boot Camp: Group 2 Perform I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2

Is Group 2 the black divas group?? It seems they put almost the same kind of singer in one group. Jazzlyn Little still impressive although she forgot her lyrics. I love love Melanie Amaro. She's probably my number 1 fave right now. Just flawless. Stacey Francis sang way over the top on day 1,someone needs to teach her not to oversing every notes.

X Factor US Boot Camp: Group 1 Perform Creep by Radiohead

Drew is okay,she needs to watch her movement on stage. Caitlin Koch is great. Elaine Gibbs made me speak in tongue. Dexter Haygood just blew his chance,he's just awful copycat.

Day 1's performances before this group round are way too rushed,I don't know why they did that. Or maybe there aren't any good performance in it.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Movie Review: Green Lantern

I know it's very late but Green Lantern,the 2011 film just came out yesterday in my city. My country basically got a jam-packed of every blockbuster movies that have been pending for months because of the disagreement about some tax. Basically from the 4 superheroes movies this summer, I only watched Green Lantern because I assumed it would be so fantastic to see an image of every planets,galaxies and outer space in the movie theater.

There's a small boy beside me with his mom. He asked question a lot,he wanted his mom to explain every scenes to him. At first it's so cute but after a while,it's a bit annoying hearing them talking. I'd say this movie has some boring parts which is mainly when there's a conversation scenes. Ryan Reynolds's acting is pretty bad in this movie. Dunno why I felt that way. Blake Lively is okay. That kid beside me practically got sleepy in the first 10 minutes because there wasn't any action yet until the later part of the film.

It's so cool seeing planet Oa,and the special effects that went into the bright green costume. I was mesmerized everytime they go into outer space. Everything is just so beautiful. Peter Sarsgaard did a great job acting as Hector. He's so creepy he made me cringe many times. Although the contrast between Hector and Hal's luck in life might be relatable to some people. The government as always irked me with the military industrial complex,the cover up of alien finding,etc. I love every scenes Parallax was in. Very cool enemy!!! Overall,this movie definitely counts on its special effect galore,with the talking scenes bordering on boring. Might turn off casual viewers or kids audience because of its complicated storyline (for me,it's not). I checked wiki just now and there won't be any sequel. Damn it!! I was hoping to see Sinestro in yellow costume. I didn't stay until the end part of the credit title to see that last scene.

Link: Wikipedia
Rotten Tomatoes

Saturday, October 01, 2011

X Factor US Audition: Jazzlyn Little

Why she's so nervous?? Holy shit!!! What a transformation!! It's like she's channeling someone else's personality. One of the best performance from audition round. So effortless.

X Factor US Audition: Nick Dean

Blonde Bieber!! He seemed to perform a pop rock song. He has potential!!

ps: I also love Brewer Boys before him. The younger one got great voice.

X Factor US Audition: Brennin Hunt

Oh God,he's so annoying and arrogant!! I hate him already!! But OMG he has great voice and I really love his original song. Great performance!! I dunno though if I can ignore his annoying personality when the live show begins.

ps: Melinda Doolittle and Kendra Chantelle endorsed him on the Twitter. I guess he's very popular on Nashville circle.

X Factor US Audition: The Stereo Hogzz

They did better harmony than 4shored. Although these african american boyband have so many similarity between one another. They all look the same!!!!

X Factor US Audition: Jor El Gracia

I'm so tired of the same old gay stereotype person. Tonight's episode exhausted me. So many unfunny rejects.

X Factor US Audition: Tora Woloshin

Strong stage presence and good voice. But I don't feel anything from her. Not my cup of tea.

X Factor US Newark Audition: Ausem

Interesting performance of Jar of Hearts. Austin has big potential,while Emily is rather plain. I think they can be improved.

ps:before their clip,there was montage of some good contestants. There was one person I noticed from Idol. It's Joshua Blaylock. I hope they show him more next week.

X Factor US Newark Audition: Cari Fletcher


X Factor US Newark Audition: Andy Silikovitz

Oh gosh,I don't know if I'm allowed to feel bad for him or not. I laughed a bit in the beginning. His mom seems to be a really kind and heartwarming person.

X Factor US Newark Audition: Liliana Rose Andreano

A singer songwriter type like Regina Spektor. Idol Season 9 was full of them.

X Factor US Newark Audition: Brian Bradley

Urgh so annoying!! I hate him!! He got talent though. A possible rap contender maybe for this show??