Friday, October 14, 2011

X Factor US Judges House: Quick Review

Since I just found out that X Factor didn't get aired in US last night due to some baseball game. Yet it was aired in Canada. Amazingly,this is the first time that I watched it first ahead of my peeps from US. LOL that's a first!! Here's my quick review:

- The Over 30's must have been disappointed that they got Nicole as their mentor.
- I feel bad for the girls that they didn't get Mariah Carey. Sad!!
- Brian Bradley did a good job singing that song. Prodigy indeed!!
- Simone Battle sang it beautifully. But it's just okay for me.
- The Anser performed their best performance yet.
- Dexter Haygood is just a trainwreck!! LOL at Enrique's scared face. Probably he thought: WTH they let this trainwreck through!!
- Skyelor sang fairly well. He still looks too amateurish to me.
- Why Simon saddled Tori with that song?? I'm shocked that she didn't know this song. The lyrics isn't that hard to memorize,you know!!
- Lakoda Rayne performed a decent country version of Lady Gaga's Born This Way. It's pretty interesting version.
- Stacey Francis blew the rooftop with her vocal.
- The Brewer Boys looked awkward without their instrument. That song sounded weird to me. I hope they make it through to the next round.
- Phillip Lomax did a good job singing jazz version of that Rihanna song. Although he screamed that song in some parts.
- Elaine Gibbs is excellent singer!! I want to see more from her.
- Caitlin Koch still maintains her consistency.
- Nick Voss creeps me more. I feel serial killer aura from him,always!! His voice scares me!!
- Dunno why 4shore sang that song and used that choreography. Too 90's boyband for me. I dunno if it will be commercial for today's music market. Although me personally,I love boyband.
- James Kenney is okay.
- Drew Ryniewicz just blew me away. Watching her performance made me cry. The best performance of the night. Simply stunning!!! Very unique tone of her voice!!

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