Thursday, October 06, 2011

Movie Review: Green Lantern

I know it's very late but Green Lantern,the 2011 film just came out yesterday in my city. My country basically got a jam-packed of every blockbuster movies that have been pending for months because of the disagreement about some tax. Basically from the 4 superheroes movies this summer, I only watched Green Lantern because I assumed it would be so fantastic to see an image of every planets,galaxies and outer space in the movie theater.

There's a small boy beside me with his mom. He asked question a lot,he wanted his mom to explain every scenes to him. At first it's so cute but after a while,it's a bit annoying hearing them talking. I'd say this movie has some boring parts which is mainly when there's a conversation scenes. Ryan Reynolds's acting is pretty bad in this movie. Dunno why I felt that way. Blake Lively is okay. That kid beside me practically got sleepy in the first 10 minutes because there wasn't any action yet until the later part of the film.

It's so cool seeing planet Oa,and the special effects that went into the bright green costume. I was mesmerized everytime they go into outer space. Everything is just so beautiful. Peter Sarsgaard did a great job acting as Hector. He's so creepy he made me cringe many times. Although the contrast between Hector and Hal's luck in life might be relatable to some people. The government as always irked me with the military industrial complex,the cover up of alien finding,etc. I love every scenes Parallax was in. Very cool enemy!!! Overall,this movie definitely counts on its special effect galore,with the talking scenes bordering on boring. Might turn off casual viewers or kids audience because of its complicated storyline (for me,it's not). I checked wiki just now and there won't be any sequel. Damn it!! I was hoping to see Sinestro in yellow costume. I didn't stay until the end part of the credit title to see that last scene.

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