Friday, December 23, 2011

X Factor US Finale Result

The Top 12 sing Edge of Glory,might as well be called edge of cliff for their trainwreck vocals. So awful!!! Really badddd!!!

I thought Mariah Carey gonna come out to sing with Melanie. Oh wow seeing Melanie cry makes me cry too,so emotional!!

Very nice!! We can't expect a good vocal from Chris,but this is pretty good. Awww at his kid. So cute!!

The conversation with Nicole is painful to watch.

How they edit this pretape performance with the judges interacting like that?? Were the judges wore the same dress like tonight for few weeks ago?? How if they decide to change outfit for the finale result?? Wow Drew better watch out for those death threats from Beliebers. I bet they're so jealous with her right now.

I thought he gonna win or at least went 2nd.

Rachel's elimination will never gets old. I need to see more of those judges's reaction. Priceless!! It's weird watching those nostalgia clip without any sort of emotional investment at all. Different with Idol where usually I'm invested in some contestants heavily.

More filler like Simon vs LA clip,and that 50 Cent & Astro performance where his words got bleeped so many times. Oh what's the point of that performance?? Nicole and Paula cry off is funny. Melanie and Josh duet are okay. I don't like the song. I hate Pitbull & Ne-Yo performance.

Yay!! Melanie won!!! At last,female winner since 2007. Too bad few hours ago I accidentaly got spoiler from the internet,although I was already trying to avoid any major news website. The last ending is so awkward. Steve trying to buy time asking Melanie tirelessly,the whole moment is so awkward and anti climactic. We'll see how Melanie's career unfold. She needs a great song first.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

X Factor US Finale Night - Melanie Amaro - Listen

Holy shit!!! I was truly blown away!! I doubt that Melanie could outperform her first audition performance. But she did it!!! Fantastic performance!! This is the best that she can do!! I think tonight was the best finale night on any singing show since Carrie vs Bo back then on 2005.

X Factor US Finale Night - Chris Rene - Young Homie

Wow amazing,I have to give it to him!! Looks like Chris gonna win based on tonight's performances. I'm very impressed that tonight he delivered two of his best performances on this show. I was very amazed!! Great job,Chris!!

X Factor US Finale Night - Josh Krajcik - At Last

Superb version of At Last. Very good performance!! Although his face mannerism when he's really into it scares me a bit.

X Factor US Finale Night - Melanie Amaro & R.Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly

Urgh I'm so disappointed. They can do much better than bringing R.Kelly as Melanie's duet partner. I expected more than that. The most important song in the last 50 years. Really?? The performance itself is solid enough but Chris Rene won the 1st round hands down.

X Factor US Finale Night - Chris Rene & Avril Lavigne - Complicated

Oh wow Avril!! Chris really looks like a star up there. He didn't look intimidated at all. Great job!! I love this performance albeit his voice sounded really shaky at the beginning. LOL at Chris's neighbour and that old rehab woman.

X Factor US Finale Night - Josh Krajcik - Alanis Morissette - Uninvited

Are we suppose to judge this? I'm surprised that suddenly Alanis coming out of nowhere. It's weird,judging a performance with guest artist in it. I don't think the song is suitable for Josh,it's rather somber.

Friday, December 16, 2011

X Factor US Top 4 Result Show

Hands down the best group performance ever on this show!!

Possibly the best performance from any guest artist on this show. Wow I was enchanted by her performance. It's so shocking that I like this performance since Florence usually not my cup of tea.

Yay for Melanie!!

LOL at Nicole's introduction clip showing only her sluttiness!! Nothing else!! Yes,you're only pretty Nicole!! No other talent than that. A lot of female out there must've been weeping since Nicole doesn't want to be pretty anymore.

I hope Marcus can continue to pursue his dream. I wish the best for him. He's seriously dedicated guy,for sure.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

X Factor US Top 4 Performances: Josh Krajcik - Hallelujah

Why this song?? Why????? LMAO at Nicole trying so hard to feel this performance. It was awful for me. WTH Paula cried??

X Factor US Top 4 Performances: Melanie Amaro - Feeling Good

Didn't Simon know that this is a curse song?? Everyone who sang this song got eliminated or if they're lucky,they were in bottom 2. Case in point: Adam Lambert. It was okay all the way for me,the last note sealed the deal though. Only that last notes which were amazing.

X Factor US Top 4 Performances: Chris Rene - No One

With those montage about his dad,I'm certain he gonna be the highest vote getter tomorrow. His performance is fairly good,although when he's dancing it seemed a bit all over the place for me.

X Factor US Top 4 Performances: Marcus Canty - Careless Whisper

Wow at the song. Really?? Luckily,it's uptempo and current enough. Better than my expectation.

X Factor US Top 4 Performances: Josh Krajcik - Come Together

It's good,however it's the weakest version of Come Together I've seen on this type of show. Carly Smithson did a fantastic job with this song back on Season 7 of American Idol.

X Factor US Top 4 Performances: Melanie Amaro - Hero

Oh God,how I hate this song!! It should be in a banned list forever!! But Melanie did an amazing job,changing some chords of the song. Made it a bit different. I don't care anymore about Simon's "bloody fantastic" comment since it doesn't mean a thing coming from her mentor.

X Factor US Top 4 Performances: Chris Rene - Fly

I love this catchy song,but Chris vocal seems so weak. It's very mumbly performance. Overall,it's pretty fun and enjoyable performance though.

X Factor US Top 4 Performances: Marcus Canty - I'll Make Love To You

I'm a sucker for 90's love song. It brings nostalgic memories to me. Marcus did a good job singing this song. I'm sure women all over America will be flailing over this performance.

Friday, December 09, 2011

X Factor US Top 5 Result Show

Thanks God,Melanie Amaro is safe!! Yay!!

There's no denying that Marcus has the ability to convey his emotion to the viewers. But he's been in bottom 2 too many.

She really sings this song for her life. Truly fantastic performance!! 100% her best performance!!

Unbelievable!!!! Fuck you,Nicole!! What a coward!! Why the fuck she send it into deadlock?? This is what happened when you assume certain thing will happen,and shocking thing happens. Bring back Cheryl Cole,please!! I've just had it with these female judges.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

X Factor US Top 5 Performances: Chris Rene - Where Do We Go From Here

It's nice seeing him singing his own original song. Overall,it's just okay for me.

X Factor US Top 5 Performances: Josh Krajcik - Something

I'm blown away!! Fantastic performance. He should be careful with those scary faces though. It could scared some voters.

X Factor US Top 5 Performances: Rachel Crow - Music and Me

I don't know the song,pretty underwhelming performance to me.

X Factor US Top 5 Performances: Marcus Canty - A Song For You

Wow!! This is definitely his best performance so far in this competition!!

X Factor US Top 5 Performances: Melanie Amaro - When You Believe

This song was my favorite song on that particular year back then. I thought she did an amazing job with it.

X Factor US Top 5 Performances: Chris Rene - Live Your Life

The beginning sounded awful but it's pretty entertaining toward the end. Good job!!

X Factor US Top 5 Performances: Josh Krajcik - We Found Love

I thought he gonna sing Coldplay's song judging by the sound of the violin. Anyway,I think he did a good job with this Rihanna's smash hit. I like it!! His vocal is great as always. I didn't know that he could sing a dance song this good. Josh looks like so embarassed watching those judges bickering like children.

X Factor US Top 5 Performances: Rachel Crow - Nothin On You

Better than last week,for sure. But I hate every Bruno Mars songs,it's not even funny.

X Factor US Top 5 Performances: Marcus Canty - Ain't Nobody

Why LA put those sexy dancers with Marcus again?? Because that didn't go well with his voters base,I think they're upset that Marcus didn't show them his good boy charisma. The song is rather pointless for me,it's not a strong performance.

X Factor US Top 5 Performances: Melanie Amaro - Someone Like You

Is she singing Adele song?? Wow I really love it. I really really enjoy this performance. Probably the most enjoyable performance from her. Very current. Too bad it's too short!!! FYI,although everybody loves and worships Adele,I don't share the same enthusiasm with them. I'm rather neutral about her.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Scotty McCreery Performed The First Noel on CMA Christmas

I really love this!! Btw Scotty looks so tanned!!

X Factor US Top 7 Result Show

Solid group performance!! I think this is the best they ever sing.

Wow Rachel Crow is safe???
I don't care for Tinie Tempah. Whatever!!

I had a feeling last night that Drew might be in bottom 3. Sigh. Didn't expect Astro to be gone tonight.

AMAZING!!!! Truly one of the best performance ever on this show. Beyond my expectation.

Trainwreck performance. Awful song

Urgh I already predicted that if Drew in bottom 2,Paula and Nicole might prefer Marcus over her. Sigh. This is devastating!!! Thanks God,I'm not emotionally invested in this show or I might vent all night long.
Wow at Simon's angry face!!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

X Factor US Top 7 Performances: Melanie Amaro - Earth Song

Just okay for me. The judges way overpraised her!! I can't stand the jubilation over Michael Jackson's legacy. I feel like in Michael Jackson's worship temple. I love MJ songs but please don't be over the top.

X Factor US Top 7 Performances: Chris Rene - I'll Be There

Just boring!! My mind is wandering around when I watch this performance.

X Factor US Top 7 Performances: Marcus Canty - Pretty Young Thing

His hometown church members must be horrified watching Marcus as his performance is getting more and more into the PG-13 territory each weeks. LOL at MJ's youngest kid reaction after Marcus backflipped.

X Factor US Top 7 Performances: Rachel Crow - Can You Feel It

Very underwhelming. I didn't feel it too. Although I love the spectacle.

X Factor US Top 7 Performances: Drew Ryniewicz - Billie Jean

She will always be performing like this. I guess there's no point hoping for variation. Also,I'm pretty worried that if she sing uptempo song,she will get booted like Pia. Anyway,very strong vocal. I like it!!

ps: can't they stop with the worshipping at the altar of Michael Jackson?? It's getting too much.

X Factor US Top 7 Performances: Astro - Black and White

Haha I'm sure VFTW will be having a field day with those photo of Astro. I see that he changed his earphone to Sony. The performance itself is pretty amazing,I love his completely fresh take on that song. I enjoyed it.

X Factor US Top 7 Performances: Josh Krajcik - Dirty Diana

Solid performance!! I'm sure those stage props are very difficult to be move around.