Friday, December 23, 2011

X Factor US Finale Result

The Top 12 sing Edge of Glory,might as well be called edge of cliff for their trainwreck vocals. So awful!!! Really badddd!!!

I thought Mariah Carey gonna come out to sing with Melanie. Oh wow seeing Melanie cry makes me cry too,so emotional!!

Very nice!! We can't expect a good vocal from Chris,but this is pretty good. Awww at his kid. So cute!!

The conversation with Nicole is painful to watch.

How they edit this pretape performance with the judges interacting like that?? Were the judges wore the same dress like tonight for few weeks ago?? How if they decide to change outfit for the finale result?? Wow Drew better watch out for those death threats from Beliebers. I bet they're so jealous with her right now.

I thought he gonna win or at least went 2nd.

Rachel's elimination will never gets old. I need to see more of those judges's reaction. Priceless!! It's weird watching those nostalgia clip without any sort of emotional investment at all. Different with Idol where usually I'm invested in some contestants heavily.

More filler like Simon vs LA clip,and that 50 Cent & Astro performance where his words got bleeped so many times. Oh what's the point of that performance?? Nicole and Paula cry off is funny. Melanie and Josh duet are okay. I don't like the song. I hate Pitbull & Ne-Yo performance.

Yay!! Melanie won!!! At last,female winner since 2007. Too bad few hours ago I accidentaly got spoiler from the internet,although I was already trying to avoid any major news website. The last ending is so awkward. Steve trying to buy time asking Melanie tirelessly,the whole moment is so awkward and anti climactic. We'll see how Melanie's career unfold. She needs a great song first.

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