Friday, December 02, 2011

X Factor US Top 7 Result Show

Solid group performance!! I think this is the best they ever sing.

Wow Rachel Crow is safe???
I don't care for Tinie Tempah. Whatever!!

I had a feeling last night that Drew might be in bottom 3. Sigh. Didn't expect Astro to be gone tonight.

AMAZING!!!! Truly one of the best performance ever on this show. Beyond my expectation.

Trainwreck performance. Awful song

Urgh I already predicted that if Drew in bottom 2,Paula and Nicole might prefer Marcus over her. Sigh. This is devastating!!! Thanks God,I'm not emotionally invested in this show or I might vent all night long.
Wow at Simon's angry face!!


Chibiko said...

That dude (second video I believe) sounds like he is dying. I totally agree on the trainwreck part.

His range was good but really? He didn't have to go overboard.

Chibiko said...

Wait! The forth video!! Forgive me....

aquayers said...

yeah,I agree with you. They should've eliminated Marcus since he's been in decline with his performance.