Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Savannah,Georgia Audition

2 hours was too long for me. I think I've seen enough commercials for this year's quota. I'm so happy when J Lo pushed Colton Dixon to audition. Was he seriously thinking not auditioning?? He looks a bit different this year,almost as if Idol make-up team polished his face a bit. I think his Permanent rendition is okay. I feel so bad for Schyler,she looks a bit pissed off that her brother always hogging the spotlight. LOL

I didn't see what so special in David Leathers,I want to see what made him won that competition against Scotty. Stephanie Renae sang a decent version of Inside Your Heaven. Lauren Mink is pretty good. J Lo is jealous with Brittany Kerr. They already pimped Phillips Phillips to the max tonight. Can we give him the crown already?? Awww I love his dad. I wish I had a dad like him. Very supportive of his son.

For the rejects: I feel so bad for that West African dude. Is he real??? Can't even sing one note that guy. Joshua is creepy,I don't know if he's faking that attitude or not.

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