Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Transformers:Revenge of The Fallen Movie Review

Decepticons are back!! Two years after the first movie,Sam is now moving to college's dorm and starts his first year there. Before that he finds a piece of Allspark in his bedroom which sparks the beginning of witch hunt by all Decepticons to retrieve that thing. To make things worse,Megatron is resurrected by his followeres. And something big called The Fallen will rise. This movie will have so many Autobots and Decepticons that will make you confuse noticing each robots. I'm having hard time when I watched this movie,distinguishing which robots belong to which group. Almost all robots have silver or grey color in their body. Geez.

What I like about this movie is the action packed fight in it. I bet all that fight scenes and so many massive robots's movement were the one that cause this film to raise its budget. Well,it's worth it. I don't know how can they make all the graphics look that good. When I was a child I knew Transformers but I've never watched it but this movie makes me a big fan. I suggest the director for the next movie,to add more robots to the movie. I heard they gonna put Dinobots in it. Well,hell yes!! That'd be so damn interesting.

The plot and storyline in this movie is so well produced. We can enjoy Sam's transition to the college life. Meeting his roommate,college party,etc. And I love his parents,they're so cool. While Mikaela (Megan Foxx) is so freaking sexy. She flaunts her assets in every scene,it almost made me laugh.

The relationship between Autobots and Sam is two thumbs up. They put much more emotional connection in it. The humor in this movie isn't over the top. There's a former Decepticon,who now on the Autobots team,Jetfire who's very old and funny.

The setting in the latter part of the movie,which is Egypt,makes everything else better. It's the perfect place for the ancient times's history and the treasure that everyone else are fighting for to get. Btw I slightly wonder when I can watch a movie with Decepticon vs Islamic radical terrorists in it. That'd be fantastic. LOL

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