Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Movie Review : Michael Jackson's This Is It

This afternoon I decided to watch this movie before it's gone. I enjoyed it so much,watching Michael directed the dancers,the musicians,the sound effect and lighting guys,etc. And his kindness to the crew,I love the way he said that everyone has to do it with love. Now let's review each song rehearsal in this movie and my takes on it: First is "Wanna Be Startin Something". I loved that one. I could feel the rush while I was watching that rehearsal. "Jam" and "Bad" are very good too in the rehearsal department. I love the effect of thousand people in "They Don't Care About Us". Still fawning over "Human Nature",maybe because Matt Giraud sang it on American Idol that I love that song so much. "Smooth Criminal" is classic,loved the classic element of the movie in it and the execution of the story until the end. "The Way You Make Me Feel" is pretty good,and the chemistry between Michael and the girl is perfect but I was slightly bored with that part. Jackson 5's songs are awesome. "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" duet with his back up singers is a perfection. When that singer failed to notice the cue,that's crackin some people up in the theater. "Thriller" is the best set in that rehearsal. I LOVE the graveyard set and the zombie. Their dancing is way more than spectacular. "Beat It" is meh. "Black Or White" is good. "Earth Song" is the 2nd best set me think in this movie,I love the clip of the nature and the girl who enjoys walking in the forest and so on. "Billie Jean" is rad. His dancing is still out of this world. "Man In The Mirror" is damn perfect!!


Cheryl : the stupid brat said...

Thriller nya mantap.
Kayak nonton film horror :D

aquayers said...

iya Thriller nya emang mantap.Apalagi dance nya,semua dah pake costume yg pasti berat banget tapi masih bisa sinkron.