Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Cable TV had a technical disturbance this evening

I really got a panic attack and tried to call the provider hundred times,but they always been busy.I got even crazier when i found out through their websites that all the people complaining about the Call Center that always busy all the times. OMG . I even tried to fix the machine since i thought maybe my cable tv machine was in problem because few days ago i suspected something bad went on and back then my tv cable wasn't working for few hours because the machine was dirty and had lot of dust @_@

Btw about Top 20 Guys Performance tonight: ( i watched the 2nd rerun of AI)

Top 3:
1. Chris Richardson (I loved his upbeat performance,in fact i thought his performance was better than last week which i loved it too)
2. Blake Lewis (although i don't like Jamiroquai,i like Blake's take of his song.I thought it's very smart of him to put his beatboxing at very exact moment too)
3. Nick Pedro (two thumbs up for greater performance than last week.I liked his voice)

Bottom 3:
1. Sanjaya Malakar (my oh my!!Now i'm understand why many AI blogger don't want teenager to go through Top 24,it's because they don't have enough experience.Sanjaya has very good voice,but he still shy and it's weird watching his performance.But i think it's better than last week)
2. Brandon Rogers (same dull performance,how a great backup singer like him who sang backup for Christina Aguilera performed so dull is beyond me.If he going home tomorrow,that's fine with me)
3. Chris Sligh (i think Taylor Hicks's performance on this song was better than Chris)

Overall i thought guys performance this week was much better than last week,but still couldn't defeat the girls performance last week which was super fantastic ^^

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