Sunday, November 20, 2011

X Factor US Top 10 Result Show

I forgot to post this on the day of the result show because I couldn't find the link to watch this show:

Group performance of We Will Rock You is terrible. Ouch Leroy for forgetting your turn again.

Holy shit!! Leroy Bell and Lakoda Rayne are safe. There goes my points!!! I still don't know who makes up the voting base of this show.

Rihanna looks bloated. This song is familiar. Ow Katie Stevens from American Idol Season 9 sang this song on youtube.

Bottom 2 are Stacy and Astro. Shocking!! I thought Astro is up there on the top.

Oh God!! Way to pander to the judges and viewers!! Please go home,Stacy!! You can't sing!!

I can't stand this kid's big ego. I've been tolerating him for these past few weeks. Now,I'm over it.

Astro should be grateful that he got more talent than Stacy. Or he will be send back to wherever he came from. So much drama on this result show!! Most entertaining indeed!! They should do it every weeks like this. Btw Stacy can go back to her God,Xenu.

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