Friday, November 04, 2011

X Factor US Top 12 Result Show

Ouch Leroy,your inability of lip-synching is showing. LOL at Astro for forgetting his words. What a trainwreck of group performance.

I never heard of Outasight before.

Holy shit Leroy Bell is safe. Good to know that American viewers voted for him!! Wow Lakoda Rayne is safe. Chris Rene is safe. All of people's predictions on the blogosphere are dead wrong!! A bit shocking bottom 2 for me!! Why the heck they didn't get enough votes??

I love the performance!! Great job guys!!

Looks like they gonna bite the dust. Sigh!!

Urgh,I'm gonna miss these kids!! They are my guilty pleasure and they bring massive fun every weeks for me. Next week gonna be more boring without them.

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