Thursday, November 15, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 12 Performances

It's divas night. Lots of overdone songs. Even this show's mentor can't find a great song choice for their teams.

- Jennel Garcia (I think this is her best performance so far. But I really hate this Tina Turner song. It's been sung billion times on any singing show. Britney looks scary with that weird make up)
- Tate Stevens (oh wow,America for sure will eat that up. Great song choice,good performance,very heartfelt and he dedicated it to his wife. What else could he do to make it better? None. Middle America will power vote for this guy. I won't be surprised if he takes #1 spot for 2nd week in a row)
- Diamond White (solid performance from Diamond. She sang it very well,although her voice strained a bit in the higher notes. Definitely better than last week. The judging is getting similar to Idol. Especially Britney)
- Beatrice Miller (I hope there won't be any backlash because of Beatrice's lesbian moms. I wish their family the best in managing what happened on their home's situation. This song made Beatrice's performance dreary and repetitive. She has great tone,but Britney can't seem to find the right song for her yet. Maybe Beatrice should pick the song herself)
- Lyric145 (I'm not feeling it. Their worst performance yet. I hope they don't go home tomorrow)
- Arin Ray (terrible!!! He can't even hit the high notes. It doesn't look like a song that's dedicated to his lover,he squirmed all throughout the performance. Plus,watching Arin already had a crush,it gonna impact the girl votes on him. Arin gonna be in danger tomorrow. Urgh,I hate the mentor's comment to their groups. It's basically pointless)
- Paige Thomas (urgh I don't know why Paige's voice doesn't have melody in it. She sings very flat until the end. Although she made this song her own on this performance. Still,I'm not a fan of Paige)
- Fifth Harmony (OMG Camila's vocal was so sharp in the end. I cringed so hard and shut my eyes. It was unbearable. The sharpest vocal ever that I've heard this year on any singing show. It was trainwreck. With this predictable song,I just can't with tonight's episode. Hero is so overdone. Please retire that song!!)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (wow huge song!!! The girl screaming like banshee totally ruined the mood of the song and the performance for me. I'm so upset right now. Someone needs to strangle that girl. Shut up!!!! However,Carly's vocal wasn't as amazing as I expected. She still sang it pretty great though. But I expected better from her)
- Vino Alan (amazingggggg!!! This was the best performance of the night. Vino's voice is so soulful. I've been humming this song for a few days in my mind,dunno why. Vino did this song justice. I really really love it. Very shocking considering Vino is not the kind of singer I'm gravitated toward)
- Emblem3 (it's good!! Definitely better than a mess of last week. I think we can't expect a great vocal from them. The only thing we can expect from them is a great performance. But they definitely coasting on good looks so far)
- Cece Frey (the song is too big for her. I applaud Cece for singing this song the best she can. But it's a trainwreck. It didn't deserve the pimp spot of the night)

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