Friday, November 09, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 12 Performances

I didn't bother to download this episode. So,youtube was the only way to go for me. Very efficient and easy!!!

- Arin Ray (the best performance from him. He got swag,he sang really good,great stage movement. Britney looked super excited)
- Paige Thomas (amazing entrance from the ceiling,stunning dress,I'm not a fan of Paige's vocal though. I guess she improves after last week)
- Vino Alan (OMG amazing performance. Very passionate!! I didn't know he had it in him. I'm very impressed)
- Emblem3 (urgh a mess. I don't like a medley of 3 songs combined into one with One Direction background song. Chaotic!!!)
- Beatrice Miller (why Britney turned Beatrice into this confusing personality. Let her do her thing. She had amazing performance on judge house. Don't turn her into a ballad singer. Bravo for her lesbian moms)
- Jennel Garcia (Demi is an awful mentor. I don't get this persona of Jennel. Really mediocre)
- Tate Stevens (Tate's backstory really moved me,but I prefer his last week's performance rather than this week. I don't think this song suits him.)
- Lyric145 (I thought they gonna destroy their crediblity even further,but I was wrong. Interesting performance from them. They're not boring at all. Can't wait to see what their performance will be next week)
- Diamond White (Simon brought her back as wildcard,and she sang the exact same song choice as Melanie Amaro last year. Zzzzzzzzz. This song should be banned forever)
- Cece Frey (Cece is unrecognizable. What happened to brunette fierce Cece??? Where is she??)
- Carly Rose (great performance. One of the best of the night beside Vino Alan.)
- Jason Brock (I Believe I Can Fly??? Seriously????? Another zzzzzzzzzzzzz. LA Reid is stupid for picking this dreadful song.)
- FifthHarmony (Camille's vocal was so weird for the first verse. Not suitable at all. After that it's getting better. The harmony was good)

The best of the night: Carly Rose Sonenclar & Vino Alan

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