Thursday, October 09, 2008

Movie Review : Step Up 2 The Streets

My house got a blackout and I still have free ticket to the movie,so I used it tonight LOL

This movie is about Andie West (Briana Evigan) who has a dream to become street dancer. She doesn't like school and she wants only to do her passion. Her guardian,Sarah who got to take care of her because Andie's mom (Sarah's best friend) died of cancer,definitely doesn't want Andie to get involve in street dance and wants her to do the right thing like everybody else. Due to incident in subway,Sarah's had enough of it and wants to send Andie to Texas to live with her aunt.

Fortunately,in the dance club The Dragon,Tyler (Channing Tatum) meets her and persuade her to go to Maryland School of the Arts. At first she refuses but after having dance battle with him,and lost,she has no other way but going to MSA.

MSA is a school that has its contrast with street dance especially with the school director,Blake Collins who hates that kind of thing and prefer more subtle way of dance like ballet. His younger brother Chase Collins (Robert Hoffman) is more like Andie,a street dancer himself and together they make street dance group in hope to battle 410 (Andie's dance group before,the strongest group at that area)

My opinion about the film: it's above my expectation,I love the street dancing,love Andie and Chase's MSA group although in some part I sniff sudden chessiness like abrupt change of character in some people. In the end,you've got to see this movie. Especially if you love hip-hop,etc. Me hate hip-hop but I still can enjoy the movie :P

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