Saturday, August 02, 2008

Movie Review: The Mummy : Tomb of Dragon Emperor

Last night I went with my friends to see this movie. The film begins with the story of Emperor Han (Jet Li) who just annihilated his enemy which in result makes him the ruler of China and wants what he doesn’t have which is immortality. Thus he orders his followers to find a witch who knows the secret of immortality. And comes Zi Juan (Michelle Yeoh),she and General Ming look for the mantra together in the old library somewhere and because of their time together,General Ming falls in love with Zi Juan. While Emperor Han before that already commanded to General Ming that nobody cannot touch Zi Juan. When Zi Juan reads the immortality spell in front of Emperor Han, he claims to feel the power and brings Zi Juan to the balcony where Zi Juan shockingly sees below the balcony that General Ming is being tied in his hands and legs and about to be ripped apart by horses. It turns out Emperor Han knows about their affair and just after General Ming is prosecuted,the Emperor stabs Zi Juan. Luckily she escapes and the mantra that she read earlier on,it’s not the immortality spell,it’s the curse spell for the Emperor and all his army. They all become stone.

At the present times,Alex, the son of Rick O’Connell with Professor Roger Wilson join together to find the tomb of the Emperor. After digging for a while,they finally find it and you can see the rest of the story when you watch this movie LOL

I think this movie is pretty good, I wasn’t disappointed but I wasn’t jumping off of my chair either. What I love in this movie is when the Yeti appears on Himalayas mountain to help Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) and the others to fight Emperor Han’s soldiers. While the battle between Emperor Han with his army versus General Ming with the zombie peasants in the end not as colossal as I expected to be. Although the sudden transformation of Emperor Han to any kind of beast is pretty neat.

While we’re waiting for more blockbuster movies,you can see this movie if you don’t have anything else to see. But watch out for the first half of the film because it might make you bored. Why?? Because we only get to see the full action in the later part of the film.



yay movies said...

Sounds like Tomb of the Dragon Emperor met everyone's expectations... Brendan Frasier tries too hard to act, so you can tell he's acting

aquayers said...

I agree with you.His acting is mediocre and it isn't compatible at all to pair him and his son in the movie because they don't look like father and son.