Wednesday, May 07, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 4 Performances (Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame)

Tonight's performances were suck as well,I can't stand it anymore. Why this season is so bad compares to previous seasons?? Heck,I even would put Blake Lewis there to make the show more interesting. When I saw Rascal Flatts sit in the audience,I wanted them to perform so much because how horrible the performances were. I miss Carly too (sob)

Round 1:
1. David Archuleta (a breath of fresh air tonight,loved this performance,way in different league than the others)
2. Syesha Mercado (good performance,she looked like she's in the zone and did whatever she could to win)
3. Jason Castro (unique song choice but bad and mediocre performance)
4. David Cook (mediocre rock performance for contestant as caliber as him)

Round 2:
1. David Archuleta (he must win this thing,if not that would be disastrous for the show)
2. David Cook (great performance. Well done,David)
3. Syesha Mercado (little bit worse than round 1 performance but it's not that bad,the judges have been very hard on her. I hope she'll last another week)
4. Jason Castro (oops he forgot the lyric,why so many of this season's contestants forgot the song's lyric like David Archuleta,Brooke White and him. It's REALLY bad!!!)

Who goes home tomorrow?? Jason Castro (I've had enough of his laidback attitude. If he doesn't want to win this thing then he should go home)

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