Thursday, May 15, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 3 Result Show

We all can be happy that our wish comes true which is David vs David Finale. Syesha Mercado went home today and I hope she'll have success on her own through Broadway,movie,etc. The chance for her to outlast one of the Davids is unlikely.

It's time for David Archuleta fans to make sure that our favorite will win the Finale no matter what. Please vote as hardest as you can be for me because I can't vote since I don't live in US. Vote like there's no tomorrow!!!

Homecoming clips tonight were great and very touching,I almost had teary eyes myself watching them.

And WTH!!! with Fantasia??!!! It's like she's a completely different person,even Simon's jaw dropped when he was watching her,her hair looked weird,the song was weird and everything was so strange. Well,she's still a singer that can sing her heart out even though tonight's performance was very strange.

If David Archuleta wins American Idol this year,I'll get 2 of 4 right. Since I predicted on Season 4 when Carrie auditioned that she will win and she did. Season 5,my fave Katharine McPhee stalled on runner up position and on Season 6,my fave Melinda Doolittle got robbed BIG TIMES!!! on 3rd position T_T

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