Monday, May 19, 2008

The Chronicles Of Narnia:Prince Caspian Movie Review

Do you still remember the first movie where Aslan defeated the White Witch?? Well,in this movie the Pevensie siblings have been living in real world for 1 year although it's already passed 1300 years in Narnia world.

In Telmarines Kingdom,Prince Caspian (played by Ben Barnes) who supposed to be an heir to the throne after his father,is facing a dangerous treachery from his uncle (Uncle Miraz) who just had a son born that night. By killing the Prince,this evil uncle could get the throne of that kingdom. Fortunately the Prince is able to escape from the soldiers' pursuit and saved by two Dwarves. They are Narnians,they almost extinct because of Telmarines especially with Aslan gone,some of them just don't have any hope anymore.

Before Prince Caspian being saved by the dwarves,he able to blow Queen Susan's horn which made the Pevensie siblings who are waiting on the train station magically back into Narnia world. With four siblings back and Prince Caspian's ability to get support from all Narnian races like centaurs,minotaurs,dwarves,etc, they are ready to fight back the Telmarines army that already closing in in order to pursue Prince Caspian and eliminate Narnian once and for all.

Could they win that impossible battle???Where is Aslan??What is Telmarines Kingdom??The answer can be found in this movie.


My review (warning spoiler ahead) : this sequel of Narnia is brilliant and fantastic,it's way better than my expectation because it's surely beat the first one. In this movie you're going to get a lot of scenes with Aslan in it that can make you cry because you might relate to the story (I cried 3-4 times watching this movie). The battle is extraordinarily heart pumping amazing although I prefer if the director extended the battle a bit longer because when the going get interesting,the battle is already over (long battle like in LOTR won't hurt),and what the hell with the controversy about too much violence in this movie??!! Even myself back then when I was 13 years old or younger surely able to watch this movie,the head cutting isn't explicit,the blood is only a scar not like in the gore movie.

This movie is very funny especially because of the swashbuckling mouse (Reepicheep),he's so brave,funny,elegant,cute and all things that you'll find endearing.

The most important thing that missing from this movie is the ending where I don't understand exactly why Aslan has gone for quite long times,and lot of question which haven't been answered by this movie's ending. I feel that the ending of the movie is like the transition in LOTR which in 1 year,you'll get another sequel to continue the previous scene.

Great scenes in this movie: White Witch's resurrection,god of the river attacking the army,the trees annihilating the army,every Aslan scenes and the night attack on Telmarines Kingdom by the Narnians.


patrick said...

the makers of Prince Caspian kept to the original story in a lot of ways, but then strayed in others... i had heard they were going to make it into a silly pure-action flick, but thankfully this was not the case

frite13 said...

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