Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol 7 Grand Finale (Result Show)

- It started. Both Davids faced each other.
- 97,5 million votes!!That's crazy!! One got 56% of the votes and the other one got 44%
- Top 12 Finalists performed "Get Ready" with So You Think You Can Dance. It's spectacular especially the vocal harmony of the Top 12. Flawless!!!
-Janice Dickinson spotted!!
- David Archuleta and Cook sang "Hero" by Chad Kroeger. Fantastic duet,I loved David Cook's voice on this song.
- Loved Guru Pitka!!Very very hilarious!!I dig that carpet thing and most of all : "Mariska Hargitay" LOL
- Syesha Mercado & Seal performed "I Have Been Waiting".
- Jason Castro performed "Hallelujah".Super!!
- Melinda Doolittle spotted!!
- Ford Music Video.I wish I could see all that videos,in here they don't air the Ford video clips. (sob)
- Top 6 Girls performed with Donna Summers singing her new single and "Last Dance"!!Masterpiece performance!!
I loved when Ryan Seacrest shamelessly dancing in the middle of the song & panting his breath.
- Fantasia spotted!!Eeepp!! Her hair style definitely don't bore us!!
- Carly Smithson & Michael Johns performed duet on the song "The Letter" . I prefer the dance version of this song though (Sweden group A*Teens sang it on their album)
- Sanjaya spotted!!
- Jimmy Kimmel is funny.
- Top 6 Guys performed "Summer of 69" and after that they were sang "Heaven" song!! Bryan Adams showed up and sang "Til I Saw You" his heart out!!
Awww,why David Archuleta didn't have a duet with him.
- Bo Bice spotted!!
*The show is going on the right direction. All great and fantastic performances & no crap yet!!
- American Idol theme park on Disney World Florida!!Awesome!!
- David Cook sang "Sharp Dressed Man" with ZZ Top Not bad.
- Blake Lewis spotted.
- Brooke White had a duet with Graham Nash performing "Teach Your Children Well" .Weird,wasn't feeling this one at all.
- Jonas Brothers performed "S.O.S" . Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
- OMG!!!!The crapfest began!!
- Renaldo Lapuz performed!!Hip hip hooray!!
- One Republic performed "Apologize" with David Archuleta. Oh gosh......Superb!!!I was mesmerized!!
- Jordin Sparks performed "One Step At A Time". Her high notes were flawless.
Awww,Blake was singing along with her too.
- Gladys Knight performed "Midnight Train To Georgia" with backup singer Ben Stiller,Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr (Jack Black is crazy and stood out from the rest).
- Carrie Underwood performed "Last Name". Woah,she wore very mini dress. I was nervous watching her perform,afraid if she might have had major wardrobe malfunction!! Anyway this performance was the best this season!!!Nobody could outsang her!!
- Top 12 performed "George Michael songs"!!!Amanda Overmyer still looks awkward,I couldn't stand watching her this way.
George Michael performed "Praying For Time". Great performance and gave me chills!!
* I think no one surprised me tonight because I already knew about the guests spoiler LOL no fun,huh!!!
* I'm so nervous,it's killing me!!!!!My heart's pumping so fast like crazy!!!
* Where's Paula Abdul performance with Top 12????All Idol winners performance together???

The winner is David Cook. Congratulation for him and his fans!!! I'm so sad and bummed right now but nevertheless may he have great success and David Archuleta did so great tonight especially knowing that he lost. Although I didn't like the coronation song sang by Cook,if Archuleta sang it,it might've been so much better (only my mere opinion!!)

>>>>Let's celebrate how massive this season was especially with huge fanbase of (I think) Top 9. Let's be kind to each other and not bashing each other's favorite. May God bless all of the Finalists and great success for all of them.

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Alan-san ~
Hue, padahal aku lebih suka David Archuleta .. T__T

*guling2 frustasi, gigitin sendal jepit di pojokan*