Sunday, June 22, 2008

Movie Review : Kungfu Panda

OMG!!I got a seat so close to the screen (4th from bottom),I couldn’t catch up all the subtitles even though I understand what they said in the movie but still……

Anyway you must see this movie. This movie despite so funny,the graphic is flawless and the moral story is very good for everybody especially for the children.

Po the fat Panda (Jack Black) has been dreaming all his life to become kungfu warrior and he’s big fan of Furious Five (5 students of Master Shifu consist of : Tigress,Monkey,Mantis,Viper,Crane) although in reality he’s just a son of a noddle shop owner. His father wants him to continue the family business even though Po doesn’t feel like it.

Meanwhile,Oogway (the tortoise master) has a bad feeling that the evil Tai Lung might escape from prison and run havoc among the Valley of Peace. That’s when he makes a decision to choose a Dragon Warrior to beat Tai Lung.

When the festival to find a dragon warrior arrives,Po immediately go and climbing his way up the stairs to the dojo to see the ceremony. Too bad he’s fat and too late to arrive as the door closed in front of his face and the only way he can see what’s going on inside is through the hole in the wall and the door but too bad either someone hinders his sight or the hole suddenly closed. He has no other option but to make a chair of fireworks in order to enter the dojo through the air. After he lands inside the dojo,Master Oogway chooses him as the Dragon Warrior and immediately every jaw drop to the floor because of that shocking decision, and despite constant pleas from Master Shifu about that decision,Master Oogway still stands by his decision.

Could Po learn the kungfu he needs to defeat Tai Lung??
Could the Furious Five accept the decision made by Master Oogway??
Would Master Shifu teach kungfu to Po??
How come Tai Lung could escape from that full defense prison??

You need and have to see this movie to find all the answers,what I like about this movie is the moral story that:
- You can achieve your dreams no matter how crazy the dream is.
- You have to believe in yourself
- You shouldn’t worry about the future and lament about the past but instead you must be grateful for the present moment and give it the best you can
- Looks can be deceiving
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