Friday, February 17, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Las Vegas Week

Tonight's episode was AMAZING!!!! This is how you do it,Nigel!! Lots of great singing,they showed a lot of my favorites.

- I was super excited that they showed Colton Dixon early tonight. I really loved him last year. Pretty crushed when I watched him getting eliminated. His group did a solid performance tonight. Skyler Laine seems like a honky tonk redneck girl.
- Gabi Carrubba's group singing Rockin Robin was pretty amazing. Ariel Sprague showed a lot of her vocal capability,David Leathers Jr is good as always,Gabi sang well,but I couldn't warm up to Jeremy Rosado.
- Great Balls of Fire's performance was superb!! Adam Brock killed this song on the piano. Erika Van Pelt continued to impress me more and more,Angie Zeiderman was good,Shelby Tweten though was terrible. I love their choreography!!
- Schyler Dixon and Brielle Von Hugel's group was a mess. I didn't like their harmony.
- Oh wow,I always thought Ashley Robles as Jessica Sanchez everytime I saw her face in hollywood week. They really look alike!!
- I'm a bit upset that they didn't show Janelle Arthur at all this year and cut her!! Sigh. Her audition last year was one of the best audition I've seen.
- Night Has A Thousand Eyes' jazzy performance was probably the best performance tonight. Reed Grimm really sang it well and his charm made me really confused. Sometimes I like him,sometimes he can annoys me. Elise Testone is killing this song dead!!!!! Flawless vocal!!! Superb!!! Haley Johnsen did very good. Eben Franckewitz is so cute!!!! The scene when he tried to open his jacket was very cool!! It looked even cooler yesterday on the Las Vegas teaser at the end of yesterday's show. I wish his singing could be a bit solid tonight. Seemed rather off to me.
- Can't stand cowboy Richie Law. He's so annoying and douchedbag!! Jermaine Jones sang the best he could on this song. But it was so boring and dreary to me.
- Ohhh at last they showed us Jessica Sanchez. What??? She's 16???????? She looks older than that. Pretty amazing singing from her. Considering she has the biggest fanbase on IDF. Deandre Brackensick still wow me with his runs. Candace Glover could hold her ground as well in the singing department.
- Day 1 is over,on to the Day 2.
- Urgh at Elvis songs,I'm sick of hearing this songs.
- OMG yay!!!! Finally,they showed us Scott Dangerfield. I've been waiting for this day since his fantastic audition last year. The performance as a whole was generic,I can't stand Jailhouse Rock but Scott's vocal is still amazing as always. Love it!!
- Joshua Ledet still showed us his great vocal.
- Britnee Kellogg really looks like Britney Spears clone!!! Awful performance. Jessica Phillips's attitude is turning me off big time!!! I knew it!! That's why I've been wary of her!!
- LOL at Peggi Blu. Lauren Gray needs to show me more versatility in her performance. Wendy Taylor was pretty amazing!!
- OMG Heejun cracks me up with him scared at Peggi Blue. LOVE IT!!!! Neco Starr is very good. Jairon was good,Heejun's vocal was okay tonight,Phillips Phillips' eyes made me fall in love with his performance. Oh wait!! His vocal still annoys the heck out of me!! So I will be annoyed if he makes it through to the live show!! Mjsbigblog said it perfectly,that his vocal sounds like gargles rocks.
- Jen Hirsh,Aaron Marcellus still sang amazing. I just blanked out everytime I see Creighton Fraker perform,his voice already annoys me. I feel so bad for Nick Boddington,he wasn't that bad really.
- Uh oh,they gonna cut some more. I'm surprised that they cut Gabi Carrubba from that group. Colton Dixon looked demented when they cut his sister. Awwww at their brotherly love. Because I'm not emotionally invested at all,I don't have problems with the cut tonight except for Janelle Arthur.
- Can't wait for next week. I expect great performances from them.

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