Thursday, February 23, 2012

American Idol Season 11 - Top 24 Revealed (Part 1)

Lots of strong girls this season,made me feel like Season 6 all over again. I'm excited!!!

- Jen Hirsh's last performance was the weakest performance of her. But I'm happy that she's in Top 24.
- Usually a guy like Creighton Fraker doesn't get a lot of mileage from Idol. Dunno why this season they showed a lot of airtime of his performance and advanced him to Top 24. He's a very good singer but he tends to wander into over the top territory. His voice will irk me in the live show.
- I'm so bummed that Lauren Gray got eliminated. She has very unique voice. Maybe because her lack of confidence,they decided not to let her into Top 24. Well,she better compete again next year!!
- Finally,they showed Joshua Ledet's audition. Awful!!!! I'm shocked that they let him through to hollywood based on that performance. Thank God,he stands out in hollywood week. Although I must say I really hate his voice,really screechy,reminds me of Jacob Lusk,but Jacob at least has pretty tone when he's not oversinging.
- I'm surprised that they didn't show Haley Johnsen's last performance. Looks like she's being set up as cannon fodder. I hope she proves them wrong!! She has pretty good voice.
- Neco Starr's performance is mediocre. He's out.
- Oh god,I love Elise Testone so much. The more I watched or listened to her performance,the more I like her. I'm blown away by her vocal capability and her unique raspy tone.
- Reed Grimm could be interesting in the live show. I hope he can maintain the balance between the craziness and his pure jazz talent. He reminds me of Casey Abrams and Taylor Hicks.
- Erika Van Pelt has been one of my fave so far. Her last performance is godawful though. I agree with J Lo that the song didn't suit her. I hope she will pick the right song in the live show. Maybe they played Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone song because Erika looked like Kelly tonight. Her dress and her hair tonight really made her Kelly Clarkson look alike.
- OMG HOLY SHIT!!! Chelsea Sorrell's performance impressed me so much,despite she's forgetting the lyrics and all that. One of the prettiest country voice that I heard so far.
- When we began this season,I was excited for Baylie Brown. But after a lot of strong girls appeared,she begins to go down on my list. Also,her personality seems a bit stiff and cold. Her voice is pretty but I almost don't care anymore for her. Weird!!
- Richie Law the cowboy is gone!! Bye bye jackass!! WTH with his Ring of Fire performance.
- Heejun Han is so funny. He knocked that last performance out of the park. I was like jaw dropped. How amazing that performance was. I didn't know Heejun could sing like that. Really shattered my expectation of him. Awww at his bromance with Phillips Phillips.
- At last,they showed the full performance of Jessica Sanchez. Truly one of the best performance this season. She really lives up to the hype. I'm very impressed with her. That performance was AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! SO GOODDDDDDDDDD!!!
- Phillips Phillips sure hit the G spot of women everywhere with his last performance. I can see him go deep in the competition because of his good looks and WGWG status. Idol fanbase love contestant like him.
- I cringed when Colton Dixon sang Fix You to his sister. But I admit,this was his best performance so far this season. I'm surprised that his audition last year,he sang What About Now by Daughtry again. Oh god,he's addicted to Daughtry's catalogue!! It made my day though that after his elimination last year,he went back and this year finally he's in Top 24. Like my prediction and suggestion last year. I'm proud of him!!
- Brielle Von Hugel sang an interesting version of Killing Me Softly. She looks a bit bitchy to me. We'll see how she fare in the live show.
- Adam Brock is so flaming. Is he really straight??? I have to give it to him,he sang the heck out of that song. But we have to wait for his fate tomorrow.

An interesting tidbits from this year are:
- A lot of cannon fodder didn't get their fair share of airtime this season compared to last season's fair amount of airtime for all contestants.
- The judges seemed to stack up the Top 24 with strong girls to make the girls win this season. Let's hope America don't fuck this up by voting out all the girls first.

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