Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 5: Blind Auditions

Tonight's episode was so dragging,I was really bored to death. Almost in tears. Plus,The Lorax commercials really wasn't funny at all. Really annoying.

- Whitney Myer sang a refreshing take of No One. I hate that song because it's been sung a lot,but she gave it completely new twist to the sound that it sounded like a new song.
- I don't know why they didn't turn around for David Dunn. He's sounded pretty good. I applaud him for following his heart and pursue music,with controlling father like that,it's very hard to stray away from what you told to do with your life. Besides,anyone working for oil company must've left their moral at the door since company like that destroys environment and very profit greedy that they don't care with the cost of life etc in oil rich nations.
- The Shield Brothers is a mess.
- Cheesa sounded like cheap imitation of Beyonce.
- I don't care about Preston Shannon.
- Lex Land underwhelmed me with her vocal and ouch at her pitch. By this point,I went up to my bed and watched from there laying down (because it's getting way too boring).
- Cameron Novack is a vampire. He scared me!!!
- Orlando Napier used to be in jail. Oh gawd!!! Since he already atoned for his past,I think I'm gonna let this slide. He has good voice.
- Lee Koch is more interesting when he baked rather than when he's singing.
- Wade is awful.
- Adley Stump is generic country singer,I didn't get anything special whatsoever in her.
- Sera Hill is blah.

No one excites me with their performance,with their professional credentials they should've made my jaw drop with their performance. But unfortunately that didn't happen. I don't get what makes this show exciting,it's way too boring to me. I don't care with almost all of the contestants,their career will suffer the same fate like Javier or Dia. There's no point in winning this show. The Lorax commercials annoyed me,tired of movie promotion being shoved down my face. I'm considering not watching the next season.

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