Friday, February 24, 2012

American Idol Season 11 - Top 24 Revealed (Part 2) + A Twist

Tonight was little bit predictable.

- Adam Brock is in. I don't see Danny Gokey resemblance,although I'm an anti Gokey.
- Jeremy Rosado killed that song. I Know You Won't by Carrie Underwood is a beautiful song. He did a justice to that song. Although I don't think he will go that far in competition. He's likable though,but his voice is rather bland to my ears.
- Shannon Magrane is that type of girl from wealthy family and educated background. She can sing definitely!! We'll see what happens with her in the live show. She needs time to loosen up her stiffness.
- I'm so bummed that they cut Scott Dangerfield. Although I agree with Jennifer Lopez,that we haven't seen performance from him as strong as his audition last year. His last performance was okay for me. I still think he's one of the best male vocalist I heard in Idol though. Please go back next year,Scott!!
- Skyler Laine could disrupt whatever plans Nigel had for Top 12. She's feisty and a lot of southern voters will like her.
- Why they didn't show any performance of Hallie Day,Chase Likens and Aaron Marcellus??? Are they cannon fodder??
- Deandre Brackensick sang like an angel. So many people love this guy looks,with his beautiful voice he could go far indeed.
- I feel so sad for Jermaine Jones,although he doesn't cut it with the amazing talents of this year.
- Finally they aired Hollie Cavanagh's performance. I don't know what's up with that. Are TPTB setting her up as cannon fodder or hidden contender (dark horse)???
- David Leathers Jr is basically Michael Jackson in a kid body. Eben Franckewitz still need years to improve his vocal capability,etc but he's cute and probably the token cute boy for this year's quota. I'm okay with this decision. I like Eben!! That kid is very charming.

WTF with that sudden twist???? The only guy I want to see are either David Leathers or Johnny Keyser. Please don't bring Jermaine or cowboy back!!!

The girls are SUPER STRONG this year!!! I don't remember the last time the Top 12 girls are this strong. Usually there's at least one or more girls that I don't like or hate. But this years I love all of them,or at least like some of them. Different case with the guys though,I like some of them,I hate some of them. Next week's elimination will be brutal for me. There will be bloodbath for the girls. I hope they will pick the best song for them.

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