Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 3: Blind Auditions

Pretty underwhelming episode for me tonight. I just can't with audition episodes on any singing show. Makes me very bored watching it,dunno why. Either the talents are underwhelming or my standard became too high after watching years of American Idol.

- I already knew Sarah Golden is a female when they didn't show her face. In fact,I bet the person probably is a lesbian. I was right!! Her voice is okay though.
- I'm tired of voices like Elley Duhey. She has similar voice with the likes of Duffy,Amy Winehouse,Adele. Probably not my cup of tea.
- Pip did a pretty good job singing House of The Rising Sun. Haley fans probably will hate this guy though.
- Can we banned I Want You Back please?? I'm tired hearing this song again and again. That's why I didn't care of Erin Willett. Wish the best for her dad though.
- David Grace is mediocre.
- Katrina Parker has amazing voice. She's the best auditioners tonight for me. I hope she goes far.
- Geoff McBride is boring.
- Erin Martin has VERY UNIQUE voice!!! She's very charming and likable. I think she will go deep in this competition. Eewwww at Cee Lo. Puzzled because of his cat.
- James Massone is okay. I think he has limited range,his personality somewhat weird to me.
- Winter Rae just sang pretty straight forward version of that Rihanna song. She should've taken it higher.
- Chris Cauley sang Bruno Mars' Grenade,thus made me bored and didn't care about him.
- I loved Jordis Unga back when she competed on Rockstar INXS. Why his father wore pajama?? Anyway,I think she did a fairly good job singing that song although I expected more from her.

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