Monday, February 06, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Premiere

I love The Voice tonight!! It exceeded my expectation. The coaches were playful with each other and it's so funny,I laughed so many times. Definitely not as boring as American Idol auditions.

- Raelynn performed Hell on Heels by Miranda Lambert
I thought her voice still has weak spot on some parts. Not that impressed with her.
- Jesse Campbell performed Song For You

I think he has fantastic voice. Wow at the coaches turned around so fast!!!! Why he picked Christina???
- I feel bad for Daniel Rosa. He could improve for sure!!
- Juliette Sims performed Oh Darling

Adam clearly knows how to sell something. Too bad this girl didn't pick him. LOL at the look on his face. Christina can be annoying sometimes with her rambling. Yuck at Cee Lo saying she turned him on.
- Chris Mann performed Because We Believe

I don't know what they will do with him. I expect trainwreck in battle round if Christina pick the wrong song choice.
- Tony Luca performed Trouble
Great voice!! People will cry WGWG because of this dude!! Wow at Christina didn't recognize him.

I saw Jamar (Danny Gokey's best friend) in the teaser for tomorrow. I hope someone will surprise me and can make me a fan.

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