Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol Top 24 (Guys Performance - 60's Themes)

A little bit bummer if i have to say,there are some pretty good performance but overall there's none great showstopper performance.

My Top 3 Pick:
1. David Archuleta (his voice was pretty good,I love the tempo of the song and he's very likable)
2. Michael Johns (this performance kinda reminded me of Johnny Cash,his raspy voice nailed the song)
3. David Hernandez (a little bit stiff but i like his performance,his vocal was very good)

My Bottom 3 Pick:
- Danny Noriega (I hate this Elvis song,it's been played over and over again and I expect more of him)
- Chickezie Eze (very awkward and I sensed that he was very nervous)
- Robbie Carrico (it's very so so performance)

- Luke Menard (pretty good performance although jazzy blues type of performance is very dangerous for contestant who didn't get enough airtime)
- Garrett Haley (i love his vocal,it's very unique and very pop,i hope he'll sing better song next week)
- Jason Yeager (love this performance but once again i'm afraid he didn't stand out much to survive this week elimination)
- Jason Castro (Cheyenne's boyfriend (??),his performance was good and he's definitely a performer but oh my... he's so nervous on stage hahahaha)

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