Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 20 (Girls Performance - 70's Themes)

Amazingly,I was shocked that the girls sucked so bad tonight. It probably one of the worst night for the girls team of the entire season of Idol that I've watched. It even gave me difficulty to round up my picks:

1. Carly Smithson (I loved her performance,it looked like a pro performance,wait..... well she's already a pro performer.I agreed with Simon that if she get a great song for her,it will be a showstopper performance)
2. Brooke White (she's in her zone,that was great performance and I enjoyed it pretty much)
3. Alexandrea Lushington (although she could sing better songs but I was definitely enjoying this performance,she's definitely got a 90's vibe going on in her,I love her way of singing)
4. Ramiele Malubay (for me this performance was more enjoyable than last week because it was so much fun)
5. Amanda Overmyer (I didn't enjoy her lower register but I liked her performance,it stood out after all)
6. Syesha Mercado (she didn't sing her lower register as much as I wanted but overall I thought her performance was good)
7. Kristy Lee Cook (why she always opens her legs like that when she's singing??It bothers me,added with the fact that her voice is mediocre and she's doing weird and awkward gestures everytime she sings,although it's improvement from last week)
8. Alaina Whitaker (her voice is so good although in this performance she hit the high note badly...ouch it makes me crawl hearing the high notes)
9. Kady Malloy (she didn't hit the notes that supposed to be hit,she also sang in mediocrity,it's pretty awful,it's all over the place for me)
10. Asia'h Epperson (I couldn't stand her,she's butchering my fave artist Celine Dion. No way i can listen to this horrible performance again,it was so excruciating that I almost dying hearing her destroying every notes and threw out last glory notes that looked like a bull throws up all foods inside it's body)

My picks today definitely in shambles because it's very hard to give ranking to most of their performances because of the awfullness. I don't know who'll go home tomorrow,my picks on the Office Pool is Kady and Alexandrea because they're not popular as the others. I hope that next week they can get a good song for their voice and skills,it will be a great show if every one of them find that song.

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