Saturday, March 01, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 20 Results Show

Awww Alaina got voted off,I really like her. I don't want her to go yet. *sob*

The goner tonight:
-Jason Yeager (I got it right,he got eliminated tonight,if he performed few notches above what he has performed in the show,he might survive another week)
- Alexandrea Lushington (I like her,she's growing on me,too bad she's gone. It's hard for the girls,all of them are competiting neck to neck. It will be bloodbath going to Top 12. Btw it's so sweet that she and David Archuleta hugged each other)
- Alaina Whitaker (she's definitely a dark horse in this competition,maybe the voters didn't vote hard enough yesterday. The good one gone and it's gonna be less interesting next week)
- Robbie Carrico (the rocker with a wig gone,i don't have anything to say)

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