Wednesday, March 05, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 16 (Guys Performances - 80's Themes)

Woah,Paula was so drunk tonight,it looked like she didn't have enough sleep like what we've seen in her tv series "Hey,Paula". She was completely uttering over the top and another dimension-ish comments tonight.

Here's for my review:
1. David Hernandez (that was an amazing performance and vocal although some of it were pitchy. The fact that he nailed Celine Dion's song was unbelievable)
2. David Archuleta (this cute boy performed another great song,I loved it. However,he must tone down his licking on the lips,many people are turned off because of that)
3. David Cook (when i was watching his performance,I didn't know that the song is from Lionel Richie,I thought it was rock song. He turned pop song into rock. Way to go!!)
4. Danny Noriega (he's FIERCE!!!I liked his take on this song. Believe it or not,it's so much fun)
5. Jason Castro (tonight he might released himself from the cannon fodder's fate,he's getting better and building fanbase everywhere. Very good performance from him)
6. Michael Johns (didn't like this one,there were many pitchy notes and his stage presence reminded me of kangaroo,jumping all over the place and I agree with some comments from Idol viewers that his eyes were vacant everytime he performs)
7. Luke Menard (improvement from last week but this might be it for him. I enjoyed it because it's fun and not horrifying although didn't stand out like the others)
8. Chikezie Eze (awkward again,good vocal but lackluster somewhere,I hated it)

I predict that Luke and Chikezie will be gone.

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