Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 10 Performances (Songs From The Year They Were Born)

Tonight was pretty good,most of the contestants really stepped up their performance and came out with A game.I hope next week Country Themes will be a lot better than this. Btw did you think that Randy Jackson is more like Simon recently,I mean his criticism??

1. Syesha Mercado (wow,I never thought that she could perform better than last week,she proved us wrong that she still have a lot to offer from her)
2. Michael Johns (at last Michael showed us his contender ability,this performance was very good,it reminded me of his Hollywood's "Bohemian Rhapsody" performance. Or maybe he should sing another Queen song again next week in order to outperform everybody else???)
3. Kristy Lee Cook (hail to Kristy!!!I never thought in a million years that this "cockroach" [meaning:she always alive until the end of time] is able to sing a really great song. This was a fantastic performance and really good choice of song. I don't think she goes home tomorrow) PHOENIX OF THE DAY
4. David Archuleta (really obscure song,fortunately he performed it very well and it's very enjoyable in my ears)
5. Carly Smithson (I don't know if she could sing this song any better but I had to agree that she looked tense,maybe it's because she was in Bottom 3 last week. However,this performance was amazing vocally)
6. David Cook (he's consistently good. I think he's the only one that could battle with David Archuleta neck to neck,although this was a great performance but I didn't like the song at all,it's not catchy. Sorry!!)
7. Brooke White (LOL that she messed up the first notes,but I think she did a great job with the song because I really hate this song but she made me like it)
8. Chikezie Eze (he could have sung this one better,I don't know if Chikezie still got enough steam to survive to the top)
9. Ramiele Malubay (it's one of her best performance but still pitchy all over the place and definitely couldn't match Carrie Underwood's showstopper performance of this song)
10. Jason Castro (pretty good but I didn't get anything at all from him,it's more like same performance every week and it gets boring)

Tomorrow goner: Ramiele Malubay (finger crossed)

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