Thursday, March 27, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 10 Result Show

I should've trusted my guts that said Ramiele Malubay might not go home this week because of her Asian fanbase,instead Chikezie Eze went home tonight. Well,good luck for him.

Bottom 3 tonight beside Chikezie:
- Syesha Mercado (what!!!!How come??)
- Jason Castro (the fans might vote harder next week)

What I can say about tonight show is that I love Kimberly Locke,I loved her single "8th World Wonder" back then when her video clip was being shown on MTV and I still love that song today. She's so great that she's able to have her own restaurant and able to lose so much weight. I wish lot of success for her.

I can't wait for next week performances because it's Country Themes and it's surely will be a great show.

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