Friday, March 07, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 16 Results Show (The Top 12 Revealed)

A little bit beyond my prediction especially Danny,I thought he's going to stay forever like Sanjaya. Well,Sanjaya universe definitely unbeatable.

The contestants who're wailing right now are:
- Kady Malloy (she should've sang Britney Spears,she didn't bring anything to the show,hearing her performance yesterday made me want to destroy my television set. And tonight my mom said,she looked much older hahaha)
- Luke Menard (looking at his montage,his expression when he passed every rounds was very weird)
- Asia'h Epperson (I was little bit shock that she went home,it turned out her passed away father cannot save her anymore. I really liked her performance yesterday though. I hope the best for her career in the future)
- Danny Noriega (it's weird that after the article on MSNBC about gay Idol,he went home. Did the producers cut him or he really didn't get enough votes?? Idol's missing one of ingredients on Top 12 because Danny's not there,he's so funny and I think he should join the Top 12 line up)

Blake Lewis's performance was mediocre,he didn't look like a runner up at all......he looked like a mere contestant for me. His album is flopped and his fans don't support him much on the sales market.

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