Thursday, March 06, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 16 (Girls Performances - 80's Themes

What's up with the judges tonight?? They were getting crazier and most importantly Paula (what the hell??Why did she act like that??It's that because she didn't get enough sleep or she took some kind of medication,huh!!!).

Well,the girls were awesome tonight although most of them were pitchy in notes,it's very hard to find someone who as perfect as Melinda Doolittle this season. The good ones still sing the song with overthinking and the bad ones definitely ruin the song.

1. Brooke White (great performance from her,Carrie's version was better than this but it's unique nevertheless and I loved it)
2. Asia'h Epperson (she always puts her personality into the song,that's why people love her. Her performance was fun,enjoyable and could be a hit although pitchy in some part)
3. Carly Smithson (i thought she could have done better than that,I know she can sings very well. However this was very good performance,once again she can sings and belted high notes. Wonder why she wears the same clothes like last week?!)
4. Kristy Lee Cook (at last her kind of groove,she's very good at country,I'm a fan of this performance,watch out though for the high notes,it can be painful to hear,and talk about her makeup ----she looked like old desperate housewife)
5. Amanda Overmyer (at first I didn't like this one,but in the end the performance was quite good for me,it's enjoyable and interesting although what happened with her??She looked very sad and wasn't listening to the judges at all. It's like she's being forced to sing a song,perform on that way and dress on this way by the producers)
6. Syesha Mercado (good performance but a bit screechy in some parts)
7. Ramiele Malubay (definitely forgettable and I certainly don't have anything to say to comment on Ramiele. I think she's a good singer,verging on mediocre and it's not likely that she'll sing anything showstopper on this season)
8. Kady Malloy (that was very painful to hear and watch,Katharine McPhee sang this one better,Kady should go home tomorrow. She has more potential but she doesn't bring that out)

My picks for tomorrow elimination: Kady Malloy and this one is difficult (could be Syesha or Amanda or Kristy)

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