Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol Top 20 (Guys Performance - 70's Themes)

Improvement from last week,some of the guys really stepped it up this time. Wonder how the girls beat the guys tomorrow....... Anyway I'm reviewing my overall picks based on performance + how good the sound is on winamp. Here it goes:

1. David Archuleta (perfect voice,definitely showstopper performance. I was so in awe watching this performance,really beautiful,touching every hearts that watching this. I agree that this performance should be included in All Top Performances on Idol)
2. David Hernandez (he gave a revenge performance tonight,great vocal,some attitude,amazing performance)
3. Michael Johns (I love this song,although something lack on his vocal but overall I liked it,it was pretty good)
4. Chikezie Eze (great vocal,he gave it some attitude,I liked it although he should tone down his talking back to the judges)
5. David Cook (loved his rock voice and he picked a really good song.I enjoyed it more and more after I heard it again on winamp) Btw did you see David's looks when David Archuleta about to perform and when everyone were screaming??It looked like he pissed off about David Archuleta's popularity hahaha :P
6. Jason Castro (I like the way he sing with his guitar although it's risky because people will get bored with it if he doesn't give a great vocal performance. I disagree with the judges,I liked his performance and he picked good song)
7. Danny Noriega (way better than last week,his subtle voice was pretty good although I'm still getting used to his sassy attitude hahaha)
8. Robbie Carrico (better than last week but once again it didn't stand out much compared to other contestants)
9. Jason Yeager (what a mediocre performance,it's all over the place for me,and after I heard it again on winamp,I was definitely not impressed)
10. Luke Menard (awful!!!I was horrified and couldn't stand this performance. I don't know if this is a theatrical performance but definitely not my thing)

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