Friday, September 23, 2011

X Factor US LA Audition: Siameze Floyd

OMG LMAO this is so entertaining. I laughed so hard when he opened his shirt and flaunting those see through fishnet. But I agree with the judges,he's a performer and really entertaining.

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Anonymous said...

SIAMEZE headlines his own show @ The Las Vegas Hilton, where he is known as 'THE GODSON OF ROCK & SOUL' and it is clear to me that he is a true Rock God on the rise!

How could you deny the fact that his unbridled energy, exuberance and electrifying performance was nothing short of genius and was reminiscent of the likes of PRINCE, MICHAEL JACKSON, JAMES BROWN or the first time I saw ELVIS on Ed Sullivan, when even his hip gyrations turned this country upside down and had everyone talking & laughing about him (as they also did MJ, PRINCE & anyone else who'd dare to be be different), as we are all now doing with this young man, SIAMEZE!

It's clear that he got a much deserved standing ovation and he impressed the judges to be rightfully put through to the next round. And whether or not he goes any further, the kids already won, because he has now finally arrived! And is it just me, or did he make 30 years old look like 18 again!? LOL!

I wish more power to you SIAMEZE, for after seeing some of your amazing work and growth all over YouTube, including the full performance & recorded versions of your self produced, arranged & sang versions of "GIVE IT TO ME BABY"; I am impressed and consider me one of your newest fans!