Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 8 Result Show

SHOCKING ELIMINATION!!! I can't believe it that Michael Johns got eliminated,in a million years I still can't believe it,I thought he still have many more weeks to come. I'm not bias here,I'm not even his fan.

The fact that Carly is safe makes me happy right now and tone down the shock that I have,and I think Syesha deserved to live another week because recently she's been performing pretty good although so many people might disagree with me vehemently.

Tonight's performance were Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown "No Air",that was great performance although I suspected they lip synched some of the part. In the beginning,the contestants were singing "Shout To The Lord" again!!! Longer and bolder than yesterday,are the producers not afraid with the backlash out there?? Or maybe they predicted that the shocking elimination might make people forget about the gospel song. For me,I'm bored with the song because I sang it too many times on the church back then.

Idol Gives Back's cheesy clips got me tired and sleepy as well. Ratings are down this year approximately 10 million less people watching the show. I'm in bad mood right now because how bad this season is,I don't expect anything good at all for the next weeks.

Next week's mentor: Mariah Carey.

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