Wednesday, April 02, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 9 Performances (Dolly Parton's Songbook)

I was expecting a great night but it turned out as usual. I wasn't impressed at all,now I'm throwing all my expectation for future performances. It would've been a great show if they eliminated all contestants and make Carly vs David Archuleta night with each person singing at least 10 songs. That would be my all time favorite. Here's my list tonight:

1. David Archuleta (no wonder everybody were crying watching his performance,it's pure heaven and a fantastic vocal. A gift from above indeed)
2. Carly Smithson (I was completely mesmerized throughout her entire performance,it was beautiful and one of her best performance)
3. Michael Johns (I was kinda afraid that he might've sung not in pitch but it was a great and very enjoyable performance)
4. Syesha Mercado (for me,Syesha still maintains a very good performance and a stellar vocal. Her glory note was FANTASTIC!!)
5. Brooke White (a solid performance from Brooke White,she definitely can sing country music)
6. Jason Castro (he's walking in thin line I think,his performance is kinda the same although it's not bad,it's pretty good but in order to survive in this show,he needs to diversify his performance.)
7. Kristy Lee Cook (last week was better than this,it's so disappointing that although tonight was in her zone she couldn't rise to the top)
8. David Cook (good performance but I didn't like the song)
9. Ramiele Malubay (better performance than her previous weeks but still she needs to go home soon,I don't care anymore about her performance since she doesn't bring anything good to the table)

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