Saturday, May 14, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 4 Result Show

Sigh. Blogger is finally back!! I was frustrated last night. Here's my note from last night:

- The recap montage from last night's performances was so dramatic!!
- I see Anthony Fedorov in the audience. He looks hot!!
- Is this song about the children?? Why the camera shoot their face all the time??? This Scotty James duet is so awkward. I don't like the song.
- Gunpowder and Lead performance was very good. Lauren and Haley can harmonize their voice well.
- They bus Haley again in this Windows 7's clip. Her parents are basically in the studio all the time. Why they pretend like she hasn't met her parents for a long time?? Plus,they give her the minimum amount of airtime. Haley doesn't have aww factor like the others.
- Wow Lauren Alaina is safe. There goes mjsbigblog prediction.
- Lady Gaga's performance is okay. Haley did better vocally a week ago.
- Enrique Iglesias's performance is meh. At least his song is catchy. It's futile to comment on his vocal which basically auto-tune all the way.
- Jordin Sparks looks stunning!! Great anthem song!! I don't know if it will be on my music player anytime soon though.
- Steven Tyler's new song is growing on me!! Pretty catchy!! I love his raspy voice. WTH Nicole Scherzinger is in this clip?? Fame whore,much??
- HELLLLLL YESSSSS!!!!! Haley is in the Top 3!!! Woot woottttt!!! I screamed in excitement!!!!
- James Durbin goes home.
- No James!! You only did metal once. Don't pretend like you're a rock God. Adam Lambert clearly a million miles ahead of you. Screechy screechy screechy on his final notes!! Ouch!!

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