Friday, May 06, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 5 Result Show

- The most important night,Ryan?? Nope,not even close. Top 24 Week was the most important night,where Kendra Chantelle and Lauren Turner got sidelined. This Top 13 would've been more fantastic with them in it.
- Rachel Zevita is in the audience!!!! I love her!! Follow her twitter,y'all!!
- Oh God,this show has became such a launching pad for J Lo & Steven Tyler's career. It's all about the judges now. I'm so over it. It's like we have 3 Ellen. I want Paula,Kara and Simon back.
- The group performance was flat flat flat!! The harmony was horrid!! This group will never harmonize well. Brooke White and David Cook killed that song btw on Season 7.
- What is this?? Another promo from Gordon Ramsey?? My friend,Andrew will love this!! At least it's funny.
- Lady Antebellum performs Just A Kiss. Love the song!! Hillary Scott wouldn't do well though if she was running on Idol. Thx God,their songs are amazing!! I can't wait for this new album.
- Of course,another promo from Bing. So many product placement tonight!1
- They gonna Huff someone. Probably Scotty. James & Lauren are on each corner of the stage.
- Even Lauren is winning this cooking battle. Will she win the Idol title?? Is TPTB pimping her with this nonsense??
- Is this the moment that we've been waiting for?? J Lo performance on Idol?? Why it took 3 hours to film this performance last week is a mystery to me. Anyway,it was amazing though. I was fully entertained. Probably the most exciting guest performer this season. J Lo is fierce. I had such a big crush on her way back then when she first debuted with If You Had My Love.
- This new J Lo video seems like Love Don't Cost A Thing + Mariah Carey's Honey. The beach scene reminds me of both of that video. I wonder what Marc Anthony thinks.
- Jimmy Iovine totally read what the blogosphere said about each of the performances last night.
- Scotty is safe,never in bottom 2,don't want to pick a safe group. I hate political correctness!!
- Lauren is in bottom 2 with Jacob. She lost it. She has a breakdown. Will it be shocking boot??
- Hmm bottom 2 tonight was the top 2 on that cooking battle. Coincidence or what??
- Jacob Lusk goes home. Finally!! He peaked at God Bless The Child.

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