Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Idol Season 10 Grand Finale

- There's no pride in bragging about the votes total,Ryan!! The most important is the rating and the album sales number. Not how many fans can powervote their favorite.
- Not bad Born This Way group number. I miss Karen. Pia looks GORGEOUS!! Stefano looks more buff than before. LOL at Paul trying so hard.
- Wow Judas Priest finally wants to perform on Idol. James must be ecstatic. Not as hard as I thought it would be. Slipknot is scarier and harder in sounds than these guys. How many spike are there in that guy's robe?? Cool robe.
- Can someone shoot Randy for me?? We have time for this Randy clip shit & not letting Lee Dewyze perform. What a joke!! Randy is so annoying!! Urgh.
- Jacob Lusk did a good job with Kirk Franklin & Gladys Knight. Although Melinda Doolittle and the Winans owned the best gospel performance ever on Idol way back on Season 6.
- Casey Abrams & Jack Black performance isn't funny & very underwhelming. I expected more from them.
- The ladies looks amazing!! OMG Pia looks like a goddess!! Aww I really miss Karen,I love her tone. Ashton could've showed us more black diva performance in this bland season had she still in the competition. So many Beyonce songs,everybody got their airtime. I like it!! Beyonce is so nice. This song still way much better than Run The World (Girls). A little bit of jarring when they transitioned to If I Were A Boy though.
- Steven Tyler's clip is funny. Too bad he checked out & being useless since live stage began.
- I want more Haley Reinhart!! The song is too short. Nice dance with Tony Bennett though.
- J Lo is beautiful. Lots of creepy rejects from the audition in her clip.
- OMG!! TLC!! No Scrubsssssss!! I love that album. Why the girls mic are too low?? I can't hear them. Where's Pia?? Is she getting ready for her solo performance??
- Tim McGraw & Scotty performance is nice. Scotty strected his voice like never before. Kris Allen & Keith Urban still have the best country duet performance for me. Btw Tim still looks good for his age.
- Is J Lo preparing to perform another one of her single?? She's missing from the judges table.
- No filler tonight!! Yay!! Although overall still less exciting than in previous seasons.
- What is this?? A joke?? Why Idol waste their time with this awful copy of Ryan as a presenter??
- Don't forget to pander to hispanic bloc. That's why Marc Anthony performs. He's not afraid to get ugly,and by that I mean really UGLY. J Lo is unreal!! Breathtakingly gorgeous!! WOAH!!
- LOL at Casey and James debating who had the most shocking boot. LOL at Pia. The best clip of the night.
- Awful group number from the boys. At least,they finally can harmonize their vocals. Stefano,why can't you sing like that when you still in the running?? Great falsetto albeit weird. Terrible list of songs. Tom Jones is urgh.
- I don't see Lauren anywhere. Is she saving her voice??
- Ford video. Good song from Carrie,meh video.
- Lady Gaga's headgear reminds me of something (Amadeus from Broadway). It's awesome. I love the performance!!
- Where's Pia Toscano's solo performance??
- 35 more minutes left. Pretty underwhelming grand finale for me.
- Nice job Lauren for trying to sing decent around the great Carrie Underwood. Great legs,Carrie!!
- LOL at Ryan blocking Lee's face. His girlfriend looks pissed off.
- Beyonce does another one of her single shamelessly. Taking away precious Idol time. Great vocal I must say though.
- I forgot that U2 performing. Who's that guy with an impressive voice?? LOL at J Lo. I didn't think she would kiss that Spiderman to be honest.
- I already resigned to the fact that there won't be Pia's solo performance. Sigh. There's no time for that.
- Steven Tyler did a nice job on Dream On.
- No surprising performance tonight. Everything already leaked!! What an epic fail show!! Disappointing grand finale for me. Nothing memorable at all. I didn't get a single goosebumps throughout the show. Just seeing a popular artist selling their songs shamelessly back to back.
- Scotty McCreery wins of course. Very anti climactic. He kiss his whole family and scorns Jack Black. LOL Lauren kiss him so many times in the cheek.
- The most underwhelming grand finale ever for me. Thanks Nigel for anti climactic season. I try to get my expectation very very low for next season. X Factor can't come any sooner for me.

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