Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 3 Performances

- Elijah Wood spotted!!
- What is Lauren wearing?? Looks like red riding hood dress.
- God,this Beyonce clip is how long?? Feels like forever.
Round 1: Personal Choice
- Scotty McCreery - Amaze
Very good!! I like his song choice,it has so much melody in it. At some parts,I felt like it goes nowhere or pretty bland but he compensated it with his higher register that we rarely seen from Scotty. Great job!!
- Lauren Alaina - Wild One
Good. I'm not seeing anything new from Lauren though. She still has so much potential in her & yet it still untapped. I hate her nervousness & the judges constantly praising her isn't helping either. I'm frustrated by that. Her song choice is meh. Faith Hill has so many better songs than this.
- Haley Reinhart - What Is and What Should Never Be
Wow,she's in last spot again!! OMG she's falling on that stage & back up really quick. Very professional!! Easily she won the 1st round. Her vocal is unbelievable. LOL at the judges now fawning over her. They don't want to bring the other contestants out,afraid to hurt their feelings. What a scumbag!! Nice to see Haley's dad jamming in the guitar!!
2nd Round: Jimmy Iovine's Choices
- Scotty McCreery - Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not
Audition footage again to fill the 2 hours show!! Sigh. The performance is just okay for me. I'm surprised that the song isn't that catchy,since I haven't had the opportunity to listen to it. Scotty is so likable. Hell naw,Randy didn't just say that Scotty is in Garth Brooks's level!!!
- Lauren Alaina - If I Die Young
The song perfectly fits her!! I love it!! Although she hit some rough notes & her voice cracked almost in the end & dunno why she missed one verse,but the performance itself was very beautiful!! Her mom's make up is so ridiculous. She looks like Lauren's twin sister.
- Haley Reinhart - Rhiannon
LOL at the wind!! She looks gorgeous!! The performance is very hauntingly beautiful. I love the way she phrased every words. I think her and Lauren are tie for the 2nd round. Haley can hold her own with this song that Didi Benami performed fantasticly last season.
- Urgh,2 hours is too long. Thanks God,they have pretty good performances so far!!
- Beyonce's video. Please keep on the blatant promotion of her,Idol!!!
3rd Round: The Judges Choices
- Scotty McCreery - She Believes In Me
The song went nowhere for him really. It's bordering on forgettable,but it's pretty cool that it's a ballad pop country song. A lil bit refreshing albeit sleepy. LOL at Scotty's dad.
- Lauren Alaina - I Hope You Dance
Another boring performance. She sang it good but it's her weakest performance of the night. Really blah.
- Haley Reinhart - You Oughta Know
Woah,she rocked it!! She won this round for me. I'm very impressed. She killed it at the end. Of course,Randy & J Lo make sure to pimp Lauren for the last time in order not to lose their chosen one.

My Rank:
1. Haley Reinhart - What Is and What Should Never Be
2. Lauren Alaina - If I Die Young
3. Haley Reinhart - Rhiannon
4. Haley Reinhart - You Oughta Know
5. Scotty McCreery - Amaze
6. Scotty McCreery - Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not
7. Scotty McCreery - She Believes In Me
8. Lauren Alaina - Wild One
9. Lauren Alaina - I Hope You Dance

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