Sunday, May 15, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 4 iTunes Recording Review

1st songs:
- James Durbin (I don't recognize James's voice in this. Really weird what they did to his voice. The arrangement is very 80's rock. Urgh. I don't like this recording.)
- Haley Reinhart (I love Haley's voice in this,but the arrangement is very boring. Her live performance is way more lively than this borefest thing.)
- Scotty McCreery (Scotty's voice is clearer in this recording,I prefer this one over his live performance. Although it's bit too long for my taste.)
- Lauren Alaina (Lauren easily has the best recording from the 1st songs batch. I can't find a flaw in her recording voice. Really recording material. I really like this,although if she wants to really blow everyone away,she has to imbue the song with her soul and experience that she hasn't got in her young age.)

2nd songs:
- Haley Reinhart (woah,Haley's crispy voice,the arrangement is very perfect for her voice. I really love this. One of her best recording so far.)
- Scotty McCreery (very mediocre recording,the song is awful to begin with. Scotty can't do anything to make it better. Thanks God it's quick.)
- Lauren Alaina (why her voice sounded like underwater?? I can't enjoy this recording with her voice sounded like that!! This year the production is awful!! Urgh.)
- James Durbin (I hate the song,his vocal is pretty okay,maybe this is for metal fans?? I don't have a clue who will enjoy this song.)

My Rank:
1. Haley Reinhart 2nd song
2. Lauren Alaina 1st song
3. Scotty McCreery 1st song
4. Scotty McCreery 2nd song
5. Lauren Alaina 2nd song
6. James Durbin 1st song
7. James Durbin 2nd song
8. Haley Reinhart 1st song

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