Saturday, May 07, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 5 iTunes Recording Review

1st Song:
- James Durbin (I love it!! Very current!! Probably the best recording ever from James. I really really enjoy it. Probably because he sing a song that I can enjoy. I love the arrangement. His voice is slightly drowned though. Dunno why)
- Jacob Lusk (geez,the first notes made me jumped from my chair. I was surprised by his voice. Hmm I like a current song for Jacob,but I don't like the way he mumbled the words. He needs to enunciate better. This time his vibrato bothers me. The arrangement is weird)
- Lauren Alaina (I love it. Lauren still delivers a solid recording. I love Flat On The Floor,Carrie killed that performance on 2008's New Year Eve,CMIIW. Maybe Lauren truly can storm the country chart,that's if she works on her confidence issue)
- Scotty McCreery (yeah!! I love the uptempo Scotty. I really enjoy this too. These kids really impress me on these current songs. They all did a good job. This song doesn't feel too old country to me.)
- Haley Reinhart (Haley has the ability to sing in many style,she can make her voice go here and there,making a truly varied style. For the song,still not that good for me. Haley did a heck of a great job,I wish the song would be better or catchy.)

2nd songs:
- James Durbin (I will listen to Mariah Carey's version if I have to listen to this song. Without the visual of James crying,I'm not too fond of this recording. Urgh,really hate his higher notes at the end. Really screechy!!)
- Jacob Lusk (dunno how Jacob will navigate his music career. Really his list of his recording songs are almost all terrible or mediocre,compared to the others. I don't like this one either. Don't have the same rawness of his live performance. It feels flat and blah to me.)
- Lauren Alaina (urgh,I hate Unchained Melody. That song should be banned forever on any platforms. Lauren still did a good job singing this song but I can't listen to it for 2nd times,etc.)
- Scotty McCreery (woah,his voice is upfront and center. Not drowned out like the others. Really boring recording,dragging on like forever,feel like listening to my grandma's casette. Urgh.)
- Haley Reinhart (love her voice. Really a great recording. Everyone should buy this. We should support Haley all the way to the Finale)

My Rank:
1. James Durbin 1st song
2. Scotty McCreery 1st song
3. Haley Reinhart 2nd song
4. Lauren Alaina 1st song
5. Haley Reinhart 1st song
6. Lauren Alaina 2nd song
7. Jacob Lusk 1st song
8. Scotty McCreery 2nd song
9. Jacob Lusk 2nd song
10. James Durbin 2nd song

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