Friday, May 20, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 3 Result Show

- What Jimmy said about boy division on the Finale?? Is Scotty already in for sure??
- Super 8 trailer is cool!! I'm curious about that movie.
- Top 13 are in the audience. Dakota Fanning's lil sis has grown up.
- Haley homecoming clip. She's crying because of the overwhelming supports. I think it's an okay clip.
- Il Volo sang a song that my grandma would love. Feel like in Europe 70 years ago during World War II.
- Don't grab that donut,Scotty!! It's not hygiene!! His clip is so emotional. Made me feel it too. So adorable. His family lives in wealthy suburbs I would say,judging from the looks of the neighborhood.
- Nicole Scherzinger's song is awful. WTH was that?? The firework in the back could harm people. She should go back to Pussycat Dolls. At least their songs are catchy.
- Lauren's homecoming isn't as heartwarming as I expected. She visited the storm victim. It turns out Martina McBride's Anyway song contain the word "build" & "storm" in it. Maybe I forgot about that & thought Lauren changed it last week. Sorry.
- NOOOOOOO. Haley Reinhart goes home. I underestimate the southern votes. Urgh,the worst Top 2 ever. It will be back to back country performance next week. Sigh.
- I can't decide which season is the worst. Last season which had the great Crystal Bowersox,and many showstopper performances from Casey James,Lee Dewyze,etc but had trainwreck performances so many as well. Or this season that peaked in Hollywood Week/Las Vegas Week and went downhill ever since.

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