Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Voice - Battle Round - Serabee vs Dia Frampton

Why the hell Blake picked this song for them?? Dia can't sing,she struggled all over the song. Serabee has stage presence,her voice is unique. She owned the stage. She had the best performance on this episode. Blake is smoking crack picking Dia!! Serabee is ROBBED!! No wonder this episode flopped in the rating!! Truly awful episode. Thanks God for Serabee for saving the night.

ps: did they taped all of the performances in one night?? The coaches didn't change their outfit.


Anonymous said...

I agree, Serabee vocally mopped the stage floor with Dia's face.

Regarding your comment about the judges not changing clothes - I think the judges were instructed to do that because the rounds may not have been in the order that they're shown on TV.

aquayers said...

Ow i see. I thought they have the same clothes because they taped all the performances in one day. Since I only saw the performances only,and couldn't find the whole episode,I don't know what happens before and after the performances. Thanks for your comment btw :D

Anonymous said...

do you still think made the wrong choice serabee cant even touch dia

aquayers said...

I still don't like Dia. Maybe her voice is not my cup of tea. She got really unique tone though.