Thursday, May 05, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 5 Performances (Now & Then Themes)

- I love Sheryl Crow's My Favorite Mistake song.
- James Durbin - Closer To The Edge
Urgh,I really don't want to see his armpit. Anyway,really great song choice for him. Really current,I love it!! Probably one of the most entertaining performance for me these past few weeks. I'm definitely not bored. I could see a successful path for him if he goes this route.
- Hell No!!! Don't sing Idol winner songs please!!
- Jacob Lusk - No Air
I love the way Jacob gyrate & swinging his pelvic like an animal having sex. I'm laughing throughout his performance. Vocally,it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Watch out for that sharp notes!! Oh Randy,why you feel the need to namecheck Rihanna with Chris Brown?? Beware of Chris's tantrum!! LOL at the bus coming for Jacob.
- Lauren Alaina - Flat On The Floor
Hooray!! Confident Lauren is back today. Vocally,it could go up a notch,but performance wise,I really love it. So much confidence up there!! I enjoy it a lot!! Her best performance since Top 24's Turn On The Radio.
- Scotty McCreery - Gone
OMG!! Woah!! Holy shit!! Who knows Scotty could brought the house down like this??? I'm shocked!! The song is okay but holy moly,what a performance he gave!! So much confidence!! This is it!! This is the way Top 5 of Idol should sing. I was blown away. Maybe I have to agree with NGH after all,that Scotty plays the game really well and he had planned this thing right from the very beginning.
- Unreleased Gaga song?? Please kill it,Haley!! I don't want you in trouble tomorrow.
- Haley Reinhart - You and I
The beginning was very powerful and after that it felt lackluster. The song is okay,she did it the best she can. Solid rendition. The bus is coming hard for Haley!! Even they brought out the double decker bus from UK!! I feel so sad watching her looked so defeated. I hope she can redeem herself in the 2nd round. Anyway,Gaga's era definitely peaked at her 1st album. Lately her songs are awful!!
- James Durbin - Without You
OMG he had breakdown on Jimmy's session & sitting at the corner. It's pretty uncomfortable watching James in the verge of breakdown. But I must say,a gut wrenching performance from him. He sold me on this!! I think he locked himself one seat at the Finale. Kudos!! I'm really impressed by his run on Idol,since I hated his voice in the beginning rounds.
- Jacob Lusk - Love Hurts
Why bandzilla always ruining the most sacred moments?? It was stunning until the bandzilla derailed it. But I applaud him for holding down the ground. Arguably,Jacob's best performance since God knows when. Haley could be in danger if Jacob killed it like this.
- Lauren Alaina - Unchained Melody
Of course,something always has to put a damper with the whole moods of the show and unfortunately it came from Lauren tonight. It was boring. This is a bland performance and the song has been done to death. I'm so over it!! She sang it very well though.
- Scotty McCreery - Always On My Mind
Anoop owned this song on Season 8. I could appreciate Scotty's softer country take on it but it rather sleepy for me. Sorry. Tonight basically went from fireworks to sleeping time. Bzzz. I guess I should take what I can get & be satisfied with it.
- Haley Reinhart - House of The Rising Sun
Siobhan Magnus did a haunting version of this song last season. I wish Haley could go acapella all the way. Really can't stand the bandzilla wrecking havoc on every good performances. However,overall it's very good. Haley seems rather somber tonight. Very weird!!
- Sheryl Crow did a heck of a great job mentoring these kids.

My Rank:
1. Scotty McCreery (Gone)
2. Jacob Lusk (Love Hurts)
3. Lauren Alaina (Flat On The Floor)
4. Haley Reinhart (House of The Rising Sun)
5. James Durbin (Closer To The Edge)
6. Haley Reinhart (You and I)
7. James Durbin (Without You)
8. Jacob Lusk (No Air)
9. Scotty McCreery (Always On My Mind)
10. Lauren Alaina (Unchained Melody)

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